2017-04-19 / Public Safety



On Monday, April 10, 2017, Officer Seth Maxwell met with Wendi Donley at the Colquitt Police Department in reference to a missing cell phone.

Mrs. Donley stated that she was at Spring Creek Park at the ball fields in the dugout. She stated that when she left to go home, she could not find the phone.

Later in the evening, Ms. Donley contacted AT&T to suspend the phone. A representative at AT&T advised that there had been some internet usage on the phone after she lost it.

The phone was a silver Iphone Six in a teal green and pink case.


On Wednesday April 12, 2017, Anne Worlds, pharmacy tech of the Miller County Hospital, came into the police department to report that she had been assaulted by an employee with scissors approximately 15 minutes prior to reporting it.

Ms. Worlds advised she had been having problems with another pharmacy tech, Carlissa Gaines and that an altercation between Gaines and her occurred. Gaines stabbed her multiple times with scissors and a stapler from the pharmacy.

EMS was called to the scene to assess Ms. Worlds, and Detective Kenny Kirkland was called to the scene and the incident was turned over to him.



On April 10, 2017, John Hudson Givens of Three Notch Road, Donalsonville, was backing out of a parking place on Main Street. Hudson, driving a 2004 Ford F150, misjudged and backed into a light pole, knocking the pole down. The truck was registered to David Holloman.

No one was injured, and no citations were issued at the time of the accident.

Officer Hollis Smith of the Colquitt Police Department was the reporting officer.

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