2017-04-19 / School & Sports

Roaming the Halls at MCHS

by: Autumn Cason

This week was a busy one for the seniors at Miller County High School. On Monday, we had a meeting where the senior sponsors discussed our graduation week schedule and expected behavior at our practices. We were also reminded that, if we were going to mail out invitations, that needed to be done by the last week of April or either the first week of May, depending on if our attendees were local or out-of-town.

Last Wednesday, entire senior class got together once again, but for a different reason. We finally got to cast our votes to choose Senior Favorites and Who's Who. Some of them were tough to decide on, but I think that everybody that asked for a vote got one.

At this point in time, I have heard that the names of Senior Favorites were announced; however, I cannot remember all 16 names.

Who's Who had a lot more categories, and the choices were virtually limitless, so those will be announced later as it will take longer to tally up the results.

No matter who gets what, I want to congratulate those who get chosen for something. I also want to congratulate those that do not get chosen. We have all worked equally hard these past years, and we will all be rewarded the same diploma when we graduate in just a few short weeks.

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