2017-04-19 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

A simple Easter Story, not Biblical
by Terry Toole

This is a favorite time of the year. Easter!

It's getting so anytime I can get up on my own and get to work, it is a super day. Easter is one of the most loved and misunderstood times of the year.

At a recent Bible study, our teacher asked, "What have you done in life to make things better?"

There were some good answers, and in my case no answer. I'm not too sure that I have done much, if anything to make things better while I have been here. I've done things with others to make things better, but I'm not sure it wouldn't have been done better by someone else. In this short 81 years, I have discovered that there has never been but one perfect man or woman. There are many good, fine, wonderful people in my life that I would get on the bus with when my time comes, almost knowing that bus was heading for Heaven, but none, not one was perfect. So if you put your faith in any human or group of humans on this earth, you will be disappointed. The only perfect One was nailed to a cross over 2000 years ago, killed, and was resurrected three day later, and that is what we celebrate as Easter. That was when Jesus Christ was almost beaten to death before He was nailed to a cross and He died for all of us. On the third day (Easter) he was resurrected from the dead, and lives in Heaven, and promised to return.

I'm not all that smart, but if I had anything to do with killing Christ, you or me were not worth our Lord's suffering and death. I think one of the words that should explain this is Grace. His ways are not our ways, thank You, God.

If you think you have problems, which we all do, that you just can't take care of alone, there is One who can make something wonderful out of our mess-ups.

Go through the Bible and see who was chosen to do God's work. He has a perfect master plan that no human can understand, or agree with. Consider who He chose to do His work, and still does: Adam, the first man, had it all and lost it. Eve, the first woman, had an eating problem. Cain, the first child, killed his brother. Moses, a basket case and killer, was chosen to lead God's people out of captivity, went his own way, and never saw the Promised Land. Samson, the strongest man who ever lived, had woman problems and killed himself. David (my personal favorite), a man after God's own heart had woman problems and became guilty of adultery and murder. Solomon was King David's son and the wisest man ever. He not only had woman problems, he had 1000s of them which made his smarts questionable.

Then the world got in such a mess, God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to save us. He lived only 33 years and preached only three years. He selected 12 men to keep his works going who were a bit dysfunctional. One turned him over to be killed to the religious leaders who had him crucified on Good Friday. I never did know why it was called “Good.” On the third day, Easter, Jesus was resurrected from the grave and lives forever in Heaven. He promised He will come back here, and He doesn't lie.

While on earth 2000 years ago, he was resurrecting a boy named Lazarus and told his friend Mary, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live." I am a simple man, and this is a simple story about how I see things, in my sinful, human way.

God is still choosing men and women to do His work here on earth. I still don't understand why he chooses most of those he uses, but I believe that His ways are not our ways, thank God. I believe that bad things happen to good people, and even though He would have us do better, He will choose someone to make the best out of it because of His love. He gave us free will. He loves us so much that He gave His Only Begotten Son for us. I don't know why, but He did! He doesn't make mistakes, we do. That's Easter to me! Believers are promised to live with Jesus in Eternity. Your choice - hot or cool!

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