2017-04-19 / Front Page

Worsley is the new elected sheriff

by Terry Toole

There is a new sheriff in town.  On Tuesday evening, April 18, 2017, in a special run-off election for Sheriff of Miller County, the unofficial votes were announced in the courtroom:  Robert Grier received a total of 630 votes.  Scott Worsley received a total of 811 votes.  

There were six provisional ballots, but they will not affect the total win. 

The special election was called when Shane Rathel was charged with sale of guns by the F.B.I. and plead guilty. He was removed from office which left a vacancy.  Robert Grier was his chief  deputy and served as sheriff until this election was completed. 

Of a possible 3592 possible voters who could have voted, 1444 did vote.    Grier received 43.72% of the votes cast.  Worsley received 56.28% of the votes cast.

Sheriff Scott Worsley won this run-off election by 181 votes.  


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