2017-03-15 / Public Safety





On March 8, 2017, Sergeant Lonnie Wade was dispatched to the parking lot of the dialysis clinic located on Delores Street in reference to damage to property (vehicle).

Upon arrival, the officer spoke with Mr. Gerald Dewayne Givens who stated he was driving his 2017 Honda Accord west on West Geer Street. He stated that as he approached the intersection of West Geer Street and Grace Street, he drove off in a hole in the middle of Geer Street and made it to the parking lot on the clinic on Delores Street. He stated he got out of his vehicle and noticed his front driver’s side tire and passenger side front tire was flat along with both rims on his vehicle possibly damaged. He stated that after he drove into the hole, he noticed and felt his car driving strange.

After getting statements and looking at the flat tires and possibly damaged rims, the officer went to take a look at the hole in the street. Upon arrival, he saw a line going from one side of the roadway to the other but nothing was in the middle of the road to detour traffic from the missing pavement.

Sergeant Wade was notified later by Mr. Haire of the Colquitt City Public Works that a private construction company was responsible for the missing city street pavement.


On March 10, 2017, Officer Hollis Smith responded to a call at 530 North Cuthbert Street and spoke with Kate Maugeri who advised that she put several things in a shed at the Heard residence on Highway 45 North about six or seven months ago. She stated she last checked on them about two months ago and when she went back on March 8, the items she placed there were no longer in the shed.

The case was turned over to investigations.



On March 10, 2017, Officer Hollis Smith was dispatched to Bremond Street in reference to a vehicle accident.

Gary Bernard Shepard of 399 E. Bush Street stated that he spilled his drink and when he looked down he must have pulled on his steering wheel a little and come out of his lane and made contact with the broken down compacted cardboard boxes behind Pic-NSav next to the street.

No citations or report of injury was made at the time of the accident.

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