2017-03-15 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Someone is going to be our new sheriff, soon
by Terry Toole

This is the final week before the special election to elect a new sheriff for Miller County.

There has been a good turnout of early voters, which doesn't end until Friday, March 17. Special election day will be Tuesday, March 21.

Of the five qualified candidates running in this special sheriff's election, one must receive 50 percent of all the votes cast, plus one vote to win the office of sheriff.

We in Miller County are fortunate to have so many qualified candidates for this highest political office in the county. Many times, voting citizens have said, "We can't go too far wrong on most of these candidates."

This is an unusual election. In my times of electing a sheriff in Miller County, which is many, this will be the first time that the winner will be nonpartisan, which means the voter does not have to choose a party to vote in.

For a lot of years, one of the biggest gripes that we voters have is to tell which party we will choose to vote. This is not the case in this Special Sheriff Election that is going on now. You go into the voting area and vote for one of the five candidates, period. If we the voters choose one candidate, and give one of the five 50 percent of the votes, plus one, he is elected. If not, there will be a runoff election to be held on Tuesday, April 18.

If there is a need for a run-off election to be held on April 18, the two qualified candidates for sheriff who receives the highest number of votes will be on that ballot. Those voters who were qualified to vote in the Special Sheriff Election on Tuesday, March 21, can vote in the run-off election if it is called.

Checking with office registrars in the courthouse Monday, 450 early voters have turned in their ballots. Early voting ends on Friday, March 17.

According to the voter registrars, Miller County active and inactive voters total approximately 4000. Active voters in Miller County totals approximately 3500.

What this means is that it is up to the qualified voters who go to the polls and cast their ballot to determine who will be our new sheriff for the balance of the four year term being sought.

The five candidates can work hard and tell what they have in mind of how the Miller County Sheriff's Office should be run, and some of them have worked hard at doing just this.

Saying that, I can predict who will be the new sheriff, kind of. Being in, and around politics in Miller County most of my life, it seems that the candidates who ask the most and are at the right place at the right time win, most time. The real winner, all the time, is the one who get those voters to take time to go to the polls and cast their vote for the one who they want to represent them. If everything is right, it takes votes to win. That puts the real responsibility on you, the voter. I have seen close elections, even ties, not too long ago, so that means, you the voters have the final say.

In the past few years, we have seen in local, state and national offices the right choice of leaders can be the difference in what we have as a city, county, state, and nation. Your vote counts just as much as mine, or any other citizen's vote.

I usually don't beg people, but I am begging you the qualified voters of Miller County to go to the polls and vote like I do, for the candidate of your choice. We are fortunate to have some good, qualified officers offering their service to us the citizens. It's fairly easy to vote early, or take a few minutes on election day to vote to select your choice for our sheriff. It is a most important office.

Yes, I have my choice for the job of sheriff. No one will know how I vote, but you can bet, I will vote for the candidate that I think will make us the best officer. I hope that you will do the same. VOTE!

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