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Need something sweet, but stings?

by Terry Toole

Brandon Chambless makes sure the queen bee went into the box with the rest of the honey bees. Brandon Chambless makes sure the queen bee went into the box with the rest of the honey bees. The Colquitt Police Department called to let me know there was a disturbance at Grow Drug Co. about 3: 00 p.m. Thursday, March 9.

In Colquitt you never know what might be happening, but we are always looking for a story, and this one was a stinger.

When I arrived, I noticed everyone but one of those at the entrance to the drive-in window at the drug store were all backed up in the street. I thought, it's a snake, until I walked up closer and saw it was the site of a swarm of honey bees hanging in a big rose bush. It was a beautiful day and must be getting to be spring if the bees are moving. Brandon Chambless was kneeled down, looking at a swarm of honey bees, most already in a box. They swarm by the thousands.

Now it takes a special kind of person to stir a box of bees.

Brandon and Wayne Chambless had been called to relocate the bees. Bee people are a different kind of people. When you mix a bee keeper and a wild hog hunter, it's best not to follow them too deep into the woods.

I hollered to Brandon, "You're gonna get stung." He was stirring the hive of honey bees with his hands. "What are you doing?" I asked as I got closer to get a photo.

"I'm making sure the queen bee went into the box. There is usually just one queen, and like other males, they will follow her anywhere. Most of the bees went into the box, so that is a good sign that she is in there."

Some of the onlookers said you all must be crazy, getting that close to all that batch of swarming bees.

Brandon said, " Just call me when you see a bunch of honey bees hanging on a bush, tree or in a building. We need all the honey bees we can get around these parts. There has been a shortage, and without the bees to pollinate, we don't have anything to eat.”

Call Brandon or Wayne at 229-726-7394 or 229- 254- 6862 to remove honey bees or wild hogs. Wayne said to call him first.

I never saw Brandon or Wayne flinch when covering the bees. That's not to say they didn't get stung, but they had a box full of fine honey bees.

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