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Daniel Allen Places Second at USA Archery National Indoor Championships Sectional

Daniel Allen takes aim at USA Championship. Daniel Allen takes aim at USA Championship. On the weekend of February 25-26, six members of the Augusta University Jaguar Archery Group (AUJAG), a collegiate archery team founded and coached by Miller County native and MCHS Class of 2012 graduate, Daniel Allen, traveled to Snellville, GA, to compete in the USA Archery National Indoor Championships.

This tournament is broken up into various sectionals that are spread across the country, maximizing participation.

At the tournament, the archers shoot 40 “ends” of three arrows each over the course of two shooting lines, or times, for a total of 120 arrows and 1200 possible points. The scores from the sectionals are then combined to give the final national results.

As many of you know, Daniel started competing in archery during his freshman year at Georgia Southern University. Starting in the barebow division, Daniel achieved national success quickly, winning his first national collegiate championship that very spring.

Since then, Daniel has accumulated six national collegiate championships, several state and regional championships, and a variety of other honors and awards through archery. After being inspired by the Olympic Games in Rio, Daniel switched divisions to compete in the Olympic Recurve Division, a much more robust division.

Daniel had only four months to prepare for the indoor season, and that amount of time is nothing compared to the archers who have spent years honing their recurve skills. Undeterred, Daniel entered the Senior Male Recurve Division with hopes of doing well.

During the National Indoor Championships, Daniel shot a score of 1046, placing second at the Snellville sectional by a deficit of six points. Overall, the AUJAG team brought home five medals: one gold, four silver, and one bronze.

Daniel is determined to improve his archery skills and perform even better during this coming outdoor season, the most important and fun season to him. Daniel will be shooting 70 M (roughly 77 yards) for outdoor season, and he is excited to get out and give it his all.

At the time of this printing, Daniel is planning on attending the first two United States Archery Team (USAT) qualifiers, the Arizona Cup and the Gator Cup, as well as the U.S. National Target Championships, all tournaments where he could find himself shooting right next to the archers who represented our country in the Olympic Games this past year!

Let’s wish Daniel luck and pray for safe travels for him and his team during this coming season!

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