2017-02-15 / Public Safety




On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, Officer Natalie Mc- Daniel and Captain Dan Stone were dispatched to 231 Grow Street in reference to an unwanted person.

Upon arrival, Tosha Collins met Officer McDaniel at her patrol car and stated that Damien Pyles, her child’s father, had choked her around the neck and threw all of her belongings out of the residence on the porch.

The officer walked up on the porch and met Pyles and he stated that Collins was on drugs and he wanted her gone from his residence.

Captain Stone arrived and asked Collins what happened. Collins stated that she had been staying with Pyles at the residence for weeks because they have a child together. Collins advised that she and her four-year-old son were lying on the chair together watching movies and he began coughing because he had been sick.

Collins stated she woke Pyles up and told him that the child needed to go to the doctor because he was sick. That is when Pyles began cursing and choking her. Collins had visual marks and bruising on her neck.

Captain Stone read Pyles his Miranda Rights and advised him that he was under arrest for family violence battery. He was transported to the Miller County Jail.

Collins and Pyles four-year old son were taken to the Miller County Emergency Room because he was burning up with a fever and it was confirmed by medical staff that the child tested positive for the flu.



On February 6, 2017, Officer Chance Abbott responded to the police department in reference to a walk-in.

Jamie Burke of 121 Cooktown Road stated that her black 2012 Chevy Cruze was keyed in the Miller County High School parking lot.

Burke stated that the incident had to have happened between January 16 and January 25. Burke stated she let her daughter drive her car to school and that the spot that she parks in is nowhere near anyone else.

Officer Abbott observed the scratches on the rear passenger side door of the car. The marks were not deep and didn’t cut through the surface.

Officer Abbott turned the case over to Investigator Kenny Kirkland.







On February 7, 2017, Officer Natalie McDaniel was dispatched to the Miller County Sheriff’s Department in reference to a domestic that had already occurred.

Upon arrival, she spoke with the complainant, Rachel Daniels who stated that she lived at 156 Perry Street, Apartment 408, and when she arrived at home her boyfriend, Charles “Bubba” Beard confronted her at the top of the stairway of the building holding a board swinging it at her in an aggressive manner stating he knew that she was cheating on him.

Ms. Daniels stated that she was trying to calm Beard down, and he struck at her with his hands and struck her on the right jaw.

Daniels advised that she told Beard to take a ride with her to explain that she was only visiting her mother and not cheating on him, so he did.

Daniels stated that she got out of the vehicle at the Miller County Health Department and ran to the sheriff’s office and called 911 to report what happened.

Beard had left the scene when the officer tried to make contact with him at the vehicle.

Later Officer Natalie Mc- Daniel observed Beard driving a white Chevrolet Dooly truck pull into the Pinewood Apartments. Beard got out of the vehicle and started running.

Officer McDaniel called for help from Deputy Dale Glover, so they could search the area to find Beard. The area was searched but Beard could not be found.

A sign on the side of the Chevrolet advised that the truck belongs to the business of Slow and Easy, Leroy Bush, so the officer had dispatch call Mr. Bush and have him en route to the location and obtain the vehicle.

Upon Mr. Bush’s arrival, he advised officers that he wanted to press charges against Beard for the theft of a vehicle because he did not have permission to use his vehicle.

Dispatch was advised that warrants would be issued for Beard in this incident.




On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, Colquitt Police Department was dispatched to Middle Street in reference to a fight in progress in the middle of the street.

Upon Officer Seth Maxwell arriving on the scene, he was unable to locate anyone fighting. He rode around the area and was flagged down by a black female, who was later identified as Regina Hightower who was standing on the side of Dancer Street near the intersection of North Second Street.

Officer Maxwell asked Hightower what the problem was and she stated that her son had been hit with a metal pole. The officer asked where her son was and asked Hightower to call her son to come over to him. Hightower’s son was identified as Travis Nash Jr.

Officer Maxwell asked Nash what had happened. Nash stated that Alonzo Garrett confronted him about $10 that he had given him to go to the store and buy cigarettes. Nash stated that he did not go to the store because it was bad weather. Nash stated that he called Garrett that morning to come get his money because he did not have his cigarettes. Nash stated that is when Garrett told him he was going to whip his---for not bringing him his cigarettes. Nash stated that Garrett picked up a metal pole and hit him on his ear with the pole.

Officer Maxwell spoke with a witness identified as Chris Jackson. Jackson stated all he saw was Garrett pick up the pole and hit Nash with it.

Alonza Garrett of 47 Perry Street, Colquitt, was charged with aggravated assault other weapon.


On February 8, 2017, Sergeant Lonnie Wade was dispatched to 120 Main Street in reference to a stolen/missing bike.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke to Mary N. Cox who stated that on February 6, 2017, was the last time she saw the bicycle in the back of the business.

Miss Cox stated that on February 7, she noticed that the bicycle was gone. She stated she called City Hall to check if the trash man has picked up the bicycle along with the trash. She was advised that the bicycle was not picked up and to call the police department to report the bicycle being stolen.

Miss Cox stated that the bicycle was a old vintage bike with a faded blue color with a torn seat along with a basket in the front.

Statements were taken, and the case is still ongoing.



On February 12, 2017, Captain Dan Stone received a call in reference to a dark colored vehicle driving at a high rate of speed and swerving all over the road.

Captain Stone went to the area of 91 North and the city limits to see if he could spot the vehicle. After a few minutes, a small, gray in color vehicle came by at what looked like a high rate of speed. Captain Stone tried to get behind the vehicle but had some problems trying to catch it. The vehicle turned left onto MLK and then right on to Crawford and this is when Captain Stone caught it and observed it weaving and speeding.

Captain Stone stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Kenton Lamar Knight of 857 Willie Mays Parkway, Orlando, FL.

Captain Stone could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car. The officer asked the driver why he smelled marijuana and he stated that he smoked some about an hour before.

Captain Stone asked for Officer Natalie McDaniel to bring the K-9 which alerted on the vehicle.

The officers then searched the vehicle. Upon entering the trunk, Captain Stone noticed a black bag and noticed that it felt like marijuana buds. The officer retrieved the bag and could smell the marijuana. Knight was read his rights, then placed under arrest for possession of marijuana and taken to Miller County Jail.

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