2017-02-15 / School & Sports

SGA Honors Senior Athletes

The Southwest Georgia Academy Booster Club honored their senior athletes in basketball and cheerleading on February 7 at their last home game. These students were recognized between the games. They were accompanied by their parents and faced the fans as Mrs. Leslie Godwin, counselor, read the accomplishments of each student and introduced their parents. Each athlete had a rose to present to their mother in appreciation.

The first to be recognized were the senior girls who played basketball. These were Annie Bridges, daughter of Kathy and John Bridges of Brinson. Annie was also recognized for her cheerleading for varsity sports. Next was Jasmine Dowdy, daughter of Stacy and Chris Dowdy of Colquitt. The next to be recognized was Erin Ragan, daughter of Stacie and Randy Ragan of Edison. The last basketball player to be recognized was Ashlyn Layne Wilkerson, daughter of Tiffany and Mark Wilkerson of Morgan.

The two senior boys who play basketball were recognized next. They were Clayton Avera, son of Dusty Avera of Morgan. Then came Mason Stuart, son of Rhonda and Chane Rathel of Donalsonville, and Max Stuart of Jakin. The Last group were the cheerleaders. Ellen Bryan, the daughter of Lacey Callan and the late Jaret Mark Bryan of Colquitt; Kinsley Cochran, daughter of Susan and Scott Cochran of Arlington; and Emma Giles, daughter of Stacie and Dan Giles of Fort Gaines.

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