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Two Vehicle Accident at Four Way Stop

by MCL staff writer

Mr. Gibson tells that it was a hard lick. Mr. Gibson tells that it was a hard lick. On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, a call went out from dispatch that an accident had occurred at Cuthbert Street and Geer Street with injuries. First Responder units went to the scene, including Miller County Emergency Management Service, Colquitt Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service, Miller County Sheriff’s Department officers, Colquitt Police Department, and the Georgia State Patrol was dispatched to the accident involving two vehicles at a four way stop sign.

The accident report stated that Scarlot Lanette Grant, 43, of 603 N. MLK Jr. Street, Apartment 6D in Colquitt, was traveling south on Cuthbert Street in a 2004 Hyundai Elantra. The vehicle was registered to Mildred Lee McCray of 277 Old Donalsonville Road in Colquitt.

Henry Wyatt Gibson, 80, of 1278 Brinson Road, Colquitt, was traveling west on Geer Street in a 2004 Toyota Sequoia.

Both vehicles came to a stop at the four way intersection. Gibson proceeded through the intersection and was in the middle of the intersection when Grant struck the rear passenger door of Gibson’s vehicle. Both vehicles came to a controlled rest.

The report stated that both occupants were wearing their safety belts. Both vehicles received functional damage and did not require a wrecker.

Grant was issued a citation for failure to yield after stopping at a stop sign, and a warning for faulty equipment.

GSP Trooper First Class, B. Palmer of the Georgia State Patrol Post 14, Colquitt, was the reporting officer.

Mr. Gibson had just left the Liberal in his vehicle, heading for the Miller County Senior Center for lunch. The crash occurred at approximately 10:45 a.m.

Gibson stated that it was quite a hit in the side.

This is one of a number of four-way-stops that have been installed in the City of Colquitt, and according to reports, a number of collisions have occurred since the four-way stops have been instigated. The reason for the four-way stops are to slow down traffic at the intersection by stopping both vehicles. It seems like it works sometime, and sometime it doesn’t. Before the four-way stops were put in, speed bumps were installed to slow traffic, which did not work either, and it is also questionable if that is/ was legal.

With 4-way stops, you have 1 in 4 chances of being right.

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