2017-02-15 / Front Page

Five Qualify to Run for Sheriff In Special Election

by MCL Staff Writer

Qualifying ended last Wednesday, February 8, 2017, at noon for those wanting to qualify to run for the office of sheriff of Miller County.

The four photos showing in this edition were obtained when these candidates ran ads in this newspaper prior to the qualifying. The fifth candidate, Xavier L. Salter has qualified as a candidate to run in the special sheriff’s election, but no photo is available since he has not run an ad in this newspaper.

This will be the last notice of candidacy for sheriff or photo, unless it is in a paid political ad by the candidates, or a paid public notice concerning the special election to be held on March 21, 2017.

According to the Georgia Election Code, one of the five candidates must receive over 50 percent of the total votes cast to win. If one candidate does not receive 50 per- cent plus one vote, the two candidates receiving the most votes will go into a run-off election to be announced if it is necessary.

Any citizen who is not already registered to vote in this special sheriff’s election has until February 21, to qualify to vote in this special election.

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