2016-12-21 / Public Safety



On Wednesday, December 14, 2016, Colquitt Police Department Officer Seth Maxwell was on patrol in the area of Martin Luther King Jr. Street and Taylor Street.

Officer Maxwell observed a vehicle sitting in the westbound lane of travel on Taylor Street near Fudge Street.

The officer approached where the vehicle was sitting in the roadway. The officer went into the east bound lane of travel and went around the vehicle. As the officer was passing the vehicle, he observed it was an orange Chevrolet Camaro that was sitting in the west bound lane of travel.

Officer Maxwell observed two people sitting in the vehicle, and a black male later identified as Prentice Thornton leaning into the passenger window.

Officer Maxwell turned his patrol vehicle around at the intersection of Fudge and Taylor Street and observed Thornton and another black male walking away from the vehicle.

As the officer approached the vehicle, it began to pull off from the position it was parked. The officer followed the vehicle for a short distance as the vehicle came to the intersection of Taylor and MLK Jr. Street. Officer Maxwell activated his emergency lights to make a traffic stop.

The officer made contact with the driver of the vehicle, Cori Russell of an Atlanta address and asked why she was sitting in the roadway to which she replied, “just talking.”

Officer Maxwell observed a rifle standing up between the back seat and the front seat. The officer asked Russell who it belonged to and she stated that she did not know. He then asked her who the vehicle belonged to, and she stated it belonged to her brothers, Nick and Kale Price.

At this time Sergeant Lonnie Wade arrived on the scene. Officer Maxwell advised Sergeant Wade that there was a rifle in the vehicle and at this time the sergeant advised Russell that he was going to take possession of it.

At this time, a black male approached the traffic stop and was identified as Nick Price. Price stated that it was his vehicle. He was asked to step across the street until the officer could talk with him. As he was walking away, Officer Maxwell heard Price make a comment and asked him what he said, to which after asking Price several times, he replied, “why are ya’ll ------with me?”

Officer Maxwell then placed Price under arrest for obstruction and placed him in the back seat of the patrol unit.

Miller/Baker 911 was then asked to run the rifle serial number.

Officer Maxwell then released Nick Price from custody to remove the vehicle. The officer advised Price that if the gun came up stolen, he would be arrested for possession of a stolen weapon. Russell was released from the scene with a warning for illegally parked/stopped in roadway.

Deputy Garison Clenney arrived on the scene at this time. Officer Maxwell asked Deputy Clenney to go to the sheriff’s department and check their issued equipment log to see if the rifle might belong to the Miller County Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Clenney went to the sheriff’s office and checked the issued equipment. Deputy Clenney arrived back on the scene and advised the rifle belonged to the Miller County Sheriff’s Office and was assigned to Deputy Mary Price. Officer Maxwell then alerted Chief Scott Worsley of the situation.

Sergeant Lonnie Wade then placed Nick Price under arrest for stolen firearm.

Sergeant Wade asked Price where the magazines were that went with the rifle and he stated they were where they are supposed to be. Officer Maxwell asked Price what he meant by that and he again said where they are suppose to be. The officer then took Price’s cell phone for evidence, and it was placed in the evidence room for storage.

Officer Maxwell then spoke with Kale Price and advised him he could remove the vehicle. Kale wanted to know why he had to remove the vehicle. The officer stated to him that he was trying to save a wrecker charge. After asking several times, Kale did not make an attempt to move the vehicle. After calling a wrecker, Kale then started approaching the car and Officer Maxwell put his hand on Kale’s upper arm and instructed him to step back from the vehicle. Kale then turned around and told Officer Maxwell that he better not ever put his hands on him and if he did he was going to whip his ---. Maxwell walked to Kale and asked him what he had said and he stated it once again. Officer Maxwell then placed Kale’s upper body on the hood of his vehicle. Kale became very irate and combative. At this time he was handcuffed and searched. A large amount of currency was found on his person to which after Sergeant Wade counted it, was $2,622.00.

Officer Maxwell released Kale Price and turned his currency back over to him. Officer Maxwell also turned the vehicle over to him.

Officer Maxwell left the scene and transported Nick Price to the Miller County Jail to be processed and booked. Price was charged with obstructing law enforcement officers, theft by taking more than $500.00, and drugs, synthetic narcotic possession.

When Maxwell arrived at the Colquitt Police Department, he searched the back seat of his patrol vehicle and located under the seat where Nick Price was sitting on a clear plastic bag containing suspected spice. It was placed in the evidence room to be tested.



On Thursday, December 15, Officer Hollis Smith was passed on information of a vehicle hitting and destroying the City of Colquitt city limit sign on Highway 91 North by Officer Seth Maxwell.

During investigation, the officer found that the driver of the vehicle, Jacquel Dante Igles of an Edison address, had come to the police station and advised that he was traveling from Albany on Highway 91 North when a deer run out in front of him and caused him to swerve into the ditch, hitting the sign and causing damage to his 2013 Dodge Charger.

Igles also advised that he had been drinking earlier in the night but due to the time of elapse, Officer Smith did not charge him with anything but failure to maintain lane.

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