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Candy Cane Lane presented by SHINE Kids at First Baptist Church

By: Gail Lovering

SHINE kids at First Baptist Church SHINE kids at First Baptist Church On Wednesday December 14, 2016, the sanctuary of First Baptist Church of Colquitt was transformed into a dreamland atmosphere by the SHINE children’s group. Through this dream venue the children encouraged adults and kids of all ages to worship our Savior, Jesus Christ. The legend of the candy cane theme enabled this group to convey to the audience the “ Recipe of Life.” Faith, hope and love is the message of The Christ. The play emphasized that the Christian walk is a growing, learning experience; not just a Sunday phenomenon. The Christmas Candy Kids and the other performers conveyed these messages in song and narration.

The play begins with a home scene on Christmas Eve. From this point, the children took the participants on a dream trip on the Heavenly Express to the soul food forest and Miss Ginger’s gingerbread house. The play ended on Christmas Day with a rendition of “Happy Birthday Jesus.” The main message of the play was conveyed in the song, “Jesus: The Recipe for Life.” Again the message of faith, hope, and love was brought forth.

The play, directed by. Megan Bridges, Tabitha Kelley, and Lori Williams was a resounding success. Duren Williams and Marvin Boyd built a gingerbread house for the trip to Miss Ginger’s. Ms. Diane Calhoun also assisted with the decorating of the stage. . Steve Long, Lana Franklin, and Steve Richardson did a wonderful job assisting with the sound and other media requirements.

The real star in the production was our Savior Jesus Christ. The children who participated worshiped the Lord in song and narrative include: Emma Foster, Brody Kelley, Hanna Grace Enfinger, Ethan Foster, Abby Kelley, Colin Williams, Sawyer Franklin, Kade Beamon, Luke Enfinger, Mary Enfinger, Molly Franklin, Taylor Gaskins, Selena Jenkins, Shepherd Jenkins, and Sully Jenkins did a fine job performing for the Lord. The mother was played by Megan Bridges and Gail Lovering was “Miss Ginger.” Thank you to all who made this event a resounding success.

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