2016-11-09 / Public Safety




On Tuesday, November 1, 2016, Sergeant Lonnie Wade was in the parking lot of the Colquitt Police Department when at the time he saw a vehicle being driven by a white female turn into the parking lot of the police department quickly.

A white male passenger got out of the vehicle as the vehicle sped off squealing tires.

The officer asked the male, identified as Earl Tillman III, of 1000 Garden Lane, Bainbridge, what was going on. He stated that he and his girlfriend, Mandy J. De- Loach, of 1142 Grimsley Bridge road, got into a verbal agreement in the vehicle as she was driving and Miss DeLoach told him that she was going to the Colquitt Police Department and leave him there.

Sergeant Wade then got into his vehicle to pursue the vehicle for a traffic stop of laying drag. As the officer was approaching the intersection of Crawford Street, he had a flat tire. Officer Abbott and Garison Clenney from the Miller County Sheriff’s Office arrive on the scene. Sergeant Wade observed the vehicle that had sped off in the parking lot with Miss DeLoach in the driver’s seat.

The officer walked over to the vehicle and asked for her driver’s license and she stated that she did not have them on her. She was asked for her full name and date of birth to run through GCIC. After running her name, her license came back as suspended for failure to appear.

Miss DeLoach was placed under arrest for the above charges and was booked in and released on bond for driving with suspended license and laying drag.


On Thursday, November 3, 2016, Sergeant Lonnie Wade was dispatched to 310 North First Street in reference to a dog problem.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke with Mr. John Hutchins who stated that he was outside in his back yard when at the time he saw a brown pit bull began to walk toward him growling like it was going to attack him. Mr. Hutchins stated the dog had gotten loose from his neighbor’s yard on Middle Street.

Sergeant Wade observed the dog as he radioed for the dispatcher to have the city public works dog catcher to be en route.

Upon his arrival, he tried numerous times to catch the dog, but the dog started running away while growling and at one point, started running towards the dog catcher growling and barking in attack mode.

The officer told the dog catcher to remain there with the dog while he went to the owner’s house located on Bethel Street.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke with Jaques P. Miller and advised him of the incident. They went back to Middle Street and upon arrival, Ketric McDaniels was there. The officer then observed the dog go to Mr. Miller as he grabbed the broken chain and escorted the dog back to where the dog was tied to a tree.

The officer then advised Miller and McDaniels of the second time to this residence in reference to the dog getting loose and trying to attack neighbors. Both McDaniels and Miller were issued citations for the dog getting loose the second time.

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