2015-12-16 / Holidays

Our Children - A candlelight service

by Terry Toole

Impressive candlelight service remembering our children. Impressive candlelight service remembering our children. A celebration and remembrance yearly event was held Saturday, December 5, 2015, at 2;00 p.m. at Colquitt Free Will Baptist Church. The service was held in memory of the lives of precious children that families have lost over past years. A most impressive candlelight service was held, as parents, friends and family gathered for the annual event. This was the 10th year that these services have been held.

After welcomes and songs, through the lighting of candles and the hanging of Christmas ornaments on the tree, and tears by parents and kin, a group of approximately 75 people honored and remembered the loss of a child or children. The coming and meeting together at services like this one makes bonds of friendship and love that only those who have lost children and God can understand.

A video show of photos of our children which brought fond memories was shown ending the service.

Teresa Vann said, "Our children are most precious gifts that we ever receive. Love them with all your heart and never take a day or moment with them for granted."

After the candlelight service, Teresa presented the handmade Christmas ornaments to the parents and invited everyone to a reception of food and drink in the dining hall.

All were thanked for attending this very special service of remembrance and for preparing for it.

Meeting such as this does not ease the pain of not having a loved one, but you know that those around you on these meetings really do know what a parent feels when they lose a child, at any age.

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