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Our library is well worth the costs

by Terry Toole

Catherine Vanstone Catherine Vanstone The members of the Colquitt/Miller Chamber of Commerce met at their regular First Friday Breakfast on October 2 at Tarrer Inn. Ponder Enterprises hosted the delicious breakfast with all the trimmings, including Hardee's famous biscuits.

Chamber chairman, Ben Clenney, welcomed a large crowd of members and guests, and asked Rodney Bryan to ask the blessing. Clenney then called for local organiza- tions to give reports on the condition of areas of the city and county and what is going on, such as schools, parks, chamber, arts council, hospital and several more.

The featured speaker was introduced, Catherine Vanstone. She gave a great report on what is going on at the local and regional library. She told of what changes were going on, and who is using the local and area libraries, and how much they mean to this area as an educational tool as well as a way some people get enjoyment of the internet technology that would be impossible without the local library.

You can save money by using the Miller County – James W. Merritt, Jr. Memorial Library! During the 2014-2015 fiscal year, the Miller County – James W. Merritt, Jr. Memorial Library provided over $536,000 in library services to library patrons in Colquitt/Miller County. Library patrons borrowed 12,809 books at a value of $25 per book. That is a value of over $320,000!

Next time if you think about renting a movie, be sure to visit your library to checkout DVDs for seven days. Checking out DVDs remains a very popular service; library patrons borrowed 2,807 movies at a value of $4.99 per movie, providing a value of over $14,000!

One of the most popular features of the Miller County – James W. Merritt, Jr. Memorial Library is the computers available for patron use. Free public computers are available to those with a library card in good standing. Computers contain Microsoft Office 2010 and Internet access for all your educational, entertainment, and recreational needs. Library patrons in Miller County used computers 8,599 times last year, resulting in a value of over $103,000!

Other cost-saving services provided by the library include borrowing magazines and books on tape/CD, checking out a Zoo Atlanta and State Park Pass, attending library programs, and much more.

There is so much that the local library has to offer, and if you are not using these great services, it is your loss. It is up to the public to use it or lose it. We are fortunate to have these great services offered to this small community.

The speaker was thanked for a very informal program, and Dan Ponder, of Ponder Enterprises was thanked again for his participation in the local chamber, and his sharing of the company with the community.

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