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Gas prices keep dropping, if you shop

Gas prices at two stations here Monday Gas prices at two stations here Monday It definitely pays to shop if you have a big tank or have to fill up often.

The price of regular gasoline is coming down almost everywhere. It seems like some places have a hard time staying with the competition, even if it is a few blocks apart.

The best prices Monday were:

Albany $ 2.06
Blakely 2.19
Bainbridge 1.95
Colquitt 2.05
Columbus 2.04
Damascus 2.25
Donalsonville 1.98
Dothan 1.88
Tallahassee 2.10
Leesburg 2.06

In the area prices that we checked, the high was in Damascus, and the low was in Dothan. Why is gas going up with demand going down? As state and federal taxes on gasoline increase, so go the prices.

The lowest gasoline price listed is $1.77, and the highest is on the West Coast at $2.85 per gallon. The average Georgia price is $2.14 per gallon. The prices are fluctuating so fast, it just pays to shop for the best prices.

The price of gasoline is dropping because of the drops in the barrel price drops over the past few months. The main reason for the drop and continuing drop is competition at home and abroad.

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