2015-08-05 / Front Page

Storm damage repairs and cleanup continue

by Terry Toole

Peanut warehouse going up again! Peanut warehouse going up again! The damage from the 70 m.p.h. high winds and heavy rains are still being cleaned up from the storm Tuesday, July 15.

One of the largest peanut warehouses in the county was under construction in the back lot of Birdsong Peanut, and the steel frame and girders were laid on the ground, and the steel was twisted and destroyed. In the photo above, the crumpled-up steel is piled high as the new steel is being put up.

The construction company is erecting the metal panels now, which give the strength to the large building.

There were numerous homes and buildings damaged by the storm mostly by downed trees and high winds. Trees and debris blocked several roads, and some roadways were flooded by heavy rains. Powerlines were also downed.

The city, county and state road departments, along with many volunteers, helped clear the roadways and assisted homeowners in digging out, cutting out the downed trees and moving the derbis. Lots of trash from trees had to be moved.

The NRCS tech and EMA director, Debbie Henry, is now negociating with EPA on disposing of the trees and limbs that were destroyed by the storm.

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