2015-07-01 / Public Safety



June 20

800E Crowd Control, Hospital •Patrol •Assist Officer w/Traffic Stop •Escort, Super B •Escort, Food Mart

June 21

800C Unlock Vehicle, •Patrol

800E Patrol •Escort, Super B •Escort, Hardee’s

June 22

800S Vehicle Accident, Main St.

800F Reckless Driver, Crawford St. •Snake in House, Perry St. •Escort, Fourth St. •Stolen Vehicle, Fourth St. •Theft, Main St. •Unock Vehicle, Crawford St. •Death, Main St. •Vehicle Stop, Hwy. 27 N.

June 23

800S Assist Officer, Peter St. •Transport to Jail

800F Speak w/Subject, Main St. •Assist State Probation, Main St. •Recover Property., Fourth St.

June 24

800C Unlock Vehicle, Fudge Lane •Traffic Stop x2 •Domestic, Middle St. •Alarm, Crawford St.

June 25

800C Alarm, Hwy. 45 • Alarm, Crawford St. •Speak w/Officer, Hwy. 45 • Vehicle Accident, Crawford St. • Unlock Vehicle, Crawford St.


Vehicle Accident

On June 25, 2015, Michael Anthony Clinton of a Bainbridge address was backing up at Hwy. 27 Service Center.

He stated he did not see a 2004 Ford F250 belonging to Vernon G. Widner of Colquitt.

Clinton’s 1998 Dodge Ram struck Widner’s vehicle on the driver’s side rear corner panel.

No injuries were reported, and no citations were issued.

Captain Dan Stone was the reporting officer.


Narcotic Possession

On June 23, 2015, Officer Natalie Moulton was dispatched to Aspire, 205 West Main St. in Colquitt to assist state probation officers with a subject.

Officer Moulton spoke with Cameron Glass, State Probation Officer, and he stated that upon search of his probationer, Jeffrey B. Williams’ vehicle, Glass found a small, tied, clear plastic bag containing what appeared to be synthetic narcotics in the center console inside the vehicle.

Officer Moulton took the evidence into custody, and the drug task force was called to the scene. When the drug task force agents arrived, the evidence was turned over to them.

Williams of a Donalsonville address was taken into custody and transported to the Miller County Jail by the State Probation where he was booked.

Theft by Taking Auto

On June 22, 2015, Officer Natalie Moulton received a call from 911 in reference to a theft of a vehicle at 105 S. Fourth St./Holt’s Garage.

Upon arrival, Officer Moulton spoke with the complainant and victim, Cynthia Ponder of Pine St. in Colquitt, and she stated that her 1998 twotone, pewter over dark blue, Chevrolet C1500 extended cab pickup truck had been taken from Holt’s Garage.

Ms. Ponder advised that she brought her truck to Holt’s Garage on June 15, 2015, to be fixed and when she returned, the vehicle was gone.

Officer Moulton spoke with Jack Holt, the owner of the garage, and he stated that when employees left on Friday, the vehicle was in the parking lot of the garage and when his son, Benji Holt, came to work on his vehicle the following Saturday, June 20, the vehicle was gone.

The vehicle was bought for $1000 from an individual, and Ms. Ponder had the title in her possession.

The vehicle was entered into GCIC/NCIC as stolen on this date.

There was no tag on the vehicle, and the vehicle was not insured.

On June 23, 2015, Rodriquez Adonius Williams of Perry Street in Colquitt was charged with theft by taking auto.

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