2015-02-04 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Thanks, Mr. President!
by Terry Toole

Sometimes I wonder who is steering the ship?

We've had the highest taxes ever for the past six years. He, Obama, wanted and still wants more, much more.

The people in the midterms election decided that they had enough and gave both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate to the Republicans.

The presidency has two more years under his threat of veto/executive orders. If the legislative houses do not do what they said they would do, the people might not care which one is in charge for the next four years.

Granted, the power of presidential veto and executive orders have been used to the limit in the past six years, and over the legal limits. If it wasn't for vacations and golf games interfering with his duties as president, we would not be in the mess we would have been in. We are in the worst mess we've been in since King George had this nation go against him because of his kingship and his taxes due to taxation without representation. It was kind of like it is today except we haven't got a king, I hope. Our senators and representatives have let the separation of power, legislative, judicial and executive branches of our government go to hell in a hand basket.

I've been in private business most of my life, except the eight years I was probate judge and chairman of the county commissioners.

I had a side job, and if my wife hadn't had a job, we would have been on welfare. Then, I was coroner for 22 years without opposition. It wasn't because I was all that good, or people liked me, it was because no one was crazy enough to work for $100 per month. I'm not that crazy either, I had two more jobs during that time to help feed us.

This is a long way of saying, over the years, my family has been taught to not spend money you don't have. Even our local governments know that unless the taxpayers allow tax increases, some spending must be cut, although I've noticed that loans are made almost time the taxes come in, or before.

Our state does the same thing, be they Democrats or Republicans, money, lots of it is borrowed.

We all know our federal government is so broke, other nations that have lent us monies, have stopped. To lend monies to someone, or a nation that has spent over $18 trillion more than it has is a poor risk. In fact, it would be almost as stupid to loan to the U.S. as it is for the U.S. to keep giving to nations who hate us.

I guess we/they think money/guns/things buy friendship. Bless our/ their hearts; it doesn't. My observations are that more marriages are terminated due to overspending for the male, the female or both than any other thing.

That's not saying money is the most important thing in marriage, business or government, but the misuse, or abuse of spending will mess up any of them, quickly.

It would scare all of us to death to know what we owe if our national debt were called in, which it could be. To folks who have to work for what they have, that would be bankruptcy.

We have been fortunate to have good enough leadership that others had enough confidence in our nation and people to think we are as good as our debt.

That just ain't the case anymore. We have been tricked, lied to and promised change. We got change, for the worst this nation has been since the Great Depression.

You've got to admit that President Obama has done a great service for this nation. He has, without much help, single handedly removed more U.S. Democrat Senators that any other president. If he gets his way, he will, with the stroke of his pen remove more illegal immigrants from the criminal list to the voter's list without any help from anyone.

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