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Thefts continue in city and county, no arrests

by MCL staff writer

The latest break-in occurred Friday or Saturday. Thieves took appliances and damaged home. The latest break-in occurred Friday or Saturday. Thieves took appliances and damaged home. The latest of reported and unreported homes burglaries was reported Saturday evening at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Garrett Richardson was moving some of his belongings into his grandmother's former home at 347 Old Albany Road, just outside the city limits.

When Mr. Richardson went up to the carport entrance of the home, he noticed the screen door was propped open. When he got closer, he observed that the back kitchen door had been broken into. The door was damaged so that the entire door would have to be replaced.

The home had just been recently renovated and was ready to move into.

The incident was reported to Miller/Baker E911, and Miller County Sheriff Deputy Kenny Knowles and Investigator Kenny Kirkland were dispatched to the scene.

When they entered the residence, the officers found that the burglars had broken in the door and removed a brand new washer and dryer from the home, letting water flow over the newly replaced floor.

The incident occurred some time Wednesday evening, Thursday night or Friday night.

The owner had been to the residence Wednesday afternoon checking, and nothing was broken into, or missing.

This home invasion is no surprise to the law enforcement officer and investigator in the city and county, since this is just one in the latest of a rash of burglaries that are being investigated at this time in the city of Colquitt and Miller County. All but one of the break-ins were homes that were being renovated, no one was in the home, or no one was home at the time of the burglary. One home was occupied, but the owner had gone to work when the theft occurred.

Most of the items being taken have been large appliances, guns and electronics.

One burglary with forced entry was reported Friday, January 30, 2015, on Fourth St. in Colquitt, and a theft by taking and damage to property was reported at Spring Creek Villas that would constitute a felony since the theft was over $500.00 and the damage was approximately $3500.00.

There have been no arrests in this rash of burglaries that have occurred since December of last year, and on into January over different areas of the county and city.

Law enforcement agencies request that anyone who sees appliances being hauled, or may be offered at a "good price" may be stolen goods.

Please call the Colquitt Police Department or the Miller County Sheriff Department.

Home owners and property owners and renters are urged to light up the area around homes, and if any suspicious activity seems to be taking place, to call E911 or law enforcement to have it checked out.

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