2014-06-04 / Public Safety



May 23

799E Picked Up Papers, Court House •Conducted Trailer Inspection, Patrol •Worked Graduation

799G Patrol •Responded to Emergency Room •Assist Vehicle, Hwy. 91 S. •Call at Location, Union Church Rd. •Call at Location, Newberry Chambers Rd. •Worked at Graduation Ceremony

799I Assist GSP with a Chase in Progress, Miller/Baker County Line •Phone Call •Assist Vehicle •Medical Call/Assist EMS •Patrol •Security Checks •Stolen Golf Cart

May 24

799E Located Missing Child •Patrolled •Responded to Ambulance Call •Responded to Disabled Vehicle, 91 S.

799G Patrol •Call at Location, Phillisburg Rd. •Unlock Vehicle, Draper Jones Rd.

799I Unlock Vehicle, Draper Jones Rd. •Domestic, Whites Bridge Rd. •Assist 800 Unit with Traffic Stop •Patrol •Security Checks

May 25

799E Unlock Vehicle •Respond to Ambulance Call •Assist 799G with Vehicle Fire Call •Patrolled

799G Responded to Vehicle Fire, Hwy. 27 N. •Patrol

May 26

799D Monitor Traffic, Hwy. 91 •Fire, Thompson Town Rd. •Monitor Traffic, Hwy. 27

799F Patrol Security Checks •Service Attempts x3 •Papers Served •Traffic Stop x5 •Citation •Suspicious Vehicle •Farm Equipment Fire •Phone Call x3 •Assist City Unit •K-9 Call Out

May 27

799D Assist Governor’s Task Force •Transport Prisoner, Grady County Jail •Transport Prisoner, Lee County Jail •Assist 799A, Hwy. 27 S.

799F Patrol Security Checks •Assist Stranded Subject with Escort •Traffic Stop x3 •Citation •Phone Call x2 •Disturbance

May 28

799E Patrolled •Answered Call in Reference to a Fight, 91 S. •Picked Up Papers, Court House

799G Responded to Call, Hwy. 91 S. •Served Paper, N. First St. •Patrol

799I Served Paper x2 •Theft of Property •Domestic, 91 S. •Patrol •Security Checks

May 29

799E Unlock Vehicle, Clenney Road •Serve Papers •Serve Warrant •Conduct Trailer Inspection •Responded to Custody Dispute, Badcock Rd.

799G Patrol •Sat Three Hours with Patient, Hospital •Transport, Albany Crisis Center

799I Served Paper •Unlock Vehicle •Patrol •Security Checks

May 30

799F Patrol Security Checks •Assist with Search Warrants •K-9 Search Call Out x2 •Domestic Verbal •Disturbance Call •Traffic Stop x3

May 31

799F Patrol Security Checks •Met with Subject •EMS Call •Traffic Control •Assist Motorist •Traffic Stop x3 •Fire Call •K-9 Training •Arrest

June 1

799F Patrol Security Checks •Paper Work •Service Attempts x5 •Paper Served x4 Officer Davis attempted numerous times to question bystanders and get a story of what had transpired; however no one “saw anything.” Figgins was transported by ambulance to Miller County Emergency Room.

The on-call investigator was notified (Inv. Kirkland) and responded to the hospital. The victim was uncooperative and would not give any information about the incident. This case has been turned over to Inv. Kirkland.

Damage to Property

- Private 1st Degree

On May 26, Officer Lonnie Wade was dispatched to 201 East Geer Street in reference to damage to property. Upon arrival, Officer Wade spoke to Rosie Jean Riggins who stated that on May 26 around 6 p.m. she was notified by her sister that her vehicle appeared to be damaged on the rear passenger side door.

Riggins then went to her vehicle (2005 Nissan Altima) and noticed that her vehicle had been damaged and that is when she called 911 to report the incident. After getting the statements, Officer Wade then observed the rear passenger side door, to where he saw damage to her door. The statements were taken and the case is still ongoing.

Battery (Simple)

On May 30, Officer Natalie Moulton was advised by Captain Brad Cox that there was a female subject at the Sheriff’s Office who wanted to speak to an officer in reference to a domestic that had already occurred.

Upon arrival, Officer Moulton spoke with Kimberly D. Collier, complainant and victim, and she stated that she and her husband, Kodell Collier, had gotten into an argument at their residence at 409 West Crawford Street earlier in the day. Collier advised that she had decided to leave Mr. Collier and began packing her things to leave the residence.

Ms. Collier stated that she left the residence, went and got gas, then realized that she had forgotten her work clothes and went back to the residence to get them. Ms. Collier advised that she walked into the residence and Mr. Collier asked her where the house keys were and she told him that they were in the kitchen. Ms. Collier stated that Mr. Collier then threw her on the bed and began choking her with his hands and struck her several times in the face with his fist. Ms. Collier stated that she got away from Mr. Collier and came to the Sheriff’s Office to report the incident. Ms. Collier advised that she is currently five months pregnant and she and Mr. Collier have one child together but the child was asleep during the incident. Ms. Collier stated that Jackie Collier, Mr. Collier’s aunt, was at the residence but did not see the altercation occur. Ms. Collier had no visible marks on her face or neck when Officer Natalie Moulton spoke with her at the Sheriff’s Office. Ms. Collier was advised of the remedies available to her.



On May 21, Deputy Greg Brown responded to a call on Highway 27 North, approximately 1/2 mile north of Griggs Lucille Road. Upon arrival Ms. Jackson stated she was traveling north on Highway 27 and began to pass a tractor trailer. As she began to pass, an object, believed to be a rock, struck the windshield. The object caused a minor crack in the windshield.

The driver of the tractor trailer advised he was not carrying any type of rocks.

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