2014-06-04 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

The government isn't going to Hell if we choose wrong!
by Terry Toole

Since I've gotten on the sunset side of life, it's really easier to see where the Light comes from. It's not too hard to know where a wrong choice will send us to or where our lives lead us.

Some of us older heads are so happy that we had guidance from our parents, Sunday School and school teachers teaching us how we should live and act.

I know some of you are tired of hearing how your parents and grandparents had to walk five miles to school and back barefooted in the snow and rain. Now we have never had too much snow, but we have had our part of the rain, and didn't mind walking barefooted in the mud and puddles to and from school.

Some of the county folks did their part of walking, but lots of them rode the bus. I was a town boy and got to walk everyday. We lived over on Pine Street, just a few blocks from school.

Let me tell you about school back in the 1940s- 50s. We didn't get to ride to school, unless it was on a bus. If you lived in town, you walked. If you had a bike, you could ride to the edge of the school property and leave your bike. There was no fear of anyone getting someone else’s bike. Back then, there was little to no stealing.

When we got to school, we went to homeroom, and then into the auditorium for prayer, Pledge to the Flag, singing and a Bible lesson. Back then our schools and leaders didn't think teaching us young people the 10 Commandments was bad for us. In fact, teaching us where we came from and Who to worship had been taught us since we came here. The 10 taught us not to curse, to go to church on Sunday, mind your parents, not murder anyone, not to commit adultery, don't steal, don't lie and don't covet, desire wrongfully or without due regard for the rights of others their stuff. From the 10, all of our Constitution, rights, laws and morals came.

Granted, I, and most of us, had a hard time trying to live by these laws from our Maker.

It was when some of us humans decided we could teach something better was when our schools seemed to be going to Hell in a handbasket. Since we stopped having prayer in schools, teaching the 10 Commandments, and having anything to do with God taken out of government schools, it started.

Since then, our schools have had killings; many of our graduates can't read or write in the name of No Child Left Behind, or Common Core. Our test scores are some of the worst ever, and most other nation's schools are considered superior to ours in teaching and learning. Since God has nothing to do with us, our courts say it's "legal" to murder over 54 million babies.

The taxes should be going down since we Americans will have 54 million less children to go to school. They have put bars on the windows and armed law enforcement in the halls to keep the students from killing each other. That isn't working out too well either.

The Democrat/Socialists left, have done well in making "In GOD We Trust," endangered in our nation. They keep on trying to take God out of anything that the government controls. The only thing that has slowed them down is that everything good in this nation has the touch of God on it.

President Ronald Reagan said, "If we ever forget that we are One Nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under." It’s almost up to our noses.

Seems like he could see what was coming for this once great nation even when we had good leadership.

We have some individual choices to make as well as some political ones. Our inactions have cost our children 54 million lives. Our poor voting has cost us many of our freedoms and our nation being One Nation Under God. We will have to fight to get it back.

Good choices can get us to Heaven. Bad choices can send our soul to Hell!

No one can make that choice but you, since everyone is promised death and everlasting life, somewhere! The choice for you, and only you, is yours.

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