2014-01-08 / Religion

Patience Rewarded


It has been a tremendous joy celebrating Christmas with those that I love. It was a thrill watching Chandler, Anna Beth and Madeline excited about new Bibles of their very own, Jaleah and her kit to make magic markers and Mallory with fancy (although horribly overpriced) bracelets. Needless to say, those bright orange gifts cards from my favorite home improvement store once again brought a smile to my face, and Nana’s smile was even bigger than Papa’s as she saw all her Gaither videos! Then to top it off, a few days out of town for Gale and me to do nothing but eat and relax served as a priceless treat.

One of my especially memorable moments on Christmas day involved our youngest granddaughter. Addyson is usually the high energy one that cannot be still, but she was surprisingly calm as she waited on her gifts to be handed to her. As Gale was distributing the gifts to each of the grandchildren, Addyson patiently waited as every person’s gift pile grew except hers. Her increasingly desperate facial expressions could be seen as everyone’s name was called while her stash of goods remained empty, but she did not say a word. (I wonder if it ever crossed her mind about her episodes of misbehavior- -like biting the tip off of her Nana’s stylus, pouring lotion out on the bathroom counter or putting things in the toilet that do not belong there—when her name was not being called to receive gifts?) Finally she got the break she desired as Gale reached the section under the tree with her treasures. Her patience paid off at last!

While I am sure that Addyson would have preferred for her name to have been called out first, she never seemed to doubt that good things would eventually come her way. She had confidence and patience because she knew that she belongs in her family and that Nana and Papa will always do her right as much as they have the ability to do so. Even though she has had her moments when she gave in to the temptation to get into mischief, those things have been dealt with, and love and acceptance never cease to prevail.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we can certainly appreciate and benefit from waiting patiently upon Him to work good things in our lives. Centuries before Christ came to earth, David in the Old Testament understood the value of waiting expectantly for God’s intervention as he wrote: “I waited patiently for the Lord; He turned to me and heard my cry” (Psalm 40:1, New International Version). We can rest assured that God is never negligent regarding the cries of His children.

David concluded Psalm 40 with these words: “Yet I am poor and needy; may the Lord think of me. You are my help and my deliverer; O my God, do not delay” (verse 17). Just as Addyson sensed a delay in her Christmas gifts reaching her, we sometimes experience seasons when it seems that there has been a notable delay by God in dealing with issues that are tremendously important, even life-changing, for us. Yet we must remember that His timing is always perfect no matter what our minds might be saying to the contrary at the moment.

Try trusting God in whatever hardships you are facing today. You will find that as you wait upon Him with genuine faith, patience will pay off in greater ways than you can ever imagine.

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