2014-01-08 / Opinion


Jerry Chapman Mayor, City of Colquitt

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2014 finds everyone in good health and good spirits. Now 2013 wasn’t my worst year ever, but it wasn’t my best one either. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be timelier getting my columns in. I didn’t make the deadline with my Christmas column, so it made this past week’s Liberal. Speaking of resolutions, here are some of mine, in no particular order.

1. Find a way to develop a working relationship with the County Commission. I get along fine with some of them, but there is still something blocking the rapport necessary to effectively work together. I will take my share of the blame. I’ve gotten a little ornery in my old age, and when someone makes me mad, I have a hard time letting it pass. I will work on my diplomacy and try to establish a dialogue with the Commission leadership. I do ask that they meet me halfway. We can get so much more done if we work together. The City and County have had good working relationships in the past, and I’m sure we can get there again.

2. Get back into shape. I was doing well for a while. Toni and I were even going to spin class three times a week. We both backslid over the past few months, but we’re ready to start back. I also plan on playing more tennis this year.

3. Stop playing Candy Crush! If you haven’t played this computer game, don’t! It’s highly addictive and wastes too much valuable time.

4. Catch up on my home repairs. I received a miter saw and some nail guns for Christmas. I plan on scratching off some chores on my “honey do” list.

5. Practice playing guitar. I put myself through college playing drums with several bands. Now, I play drums every Sunday morning at First Baptist Church. I spent a small fortune on a sweet set of Gretsch drums right before I started dating Toni. They’re a lot of fun to play, but not very practical. They won’t fit in my car, and people stop inviting you to parties if you show up with a set of drums. A guitar, on the other hand, can be a welcome addition to a party if you know how to play well. I own a classical guitar and used to play well enough to entertain myself. I’m confident that, if I practice enough, I can play well enough that I don’t clear a room.

I really do feel good about 2014! Can’t put my finger on it, but, for some reason, I’m expecting good things to happen in Colquitt. Positive energy is contagious and is necessary for positive results. I also resolve to try and keep a positive outlook on everything. Wish everyone would. It’s easy to complain, but if you have complaints, how about offering up some solutions!

We went to the Live, Laugh & Love Benefit for Tammy and Kent on Saturday night in Donalsonville. It was probably the most special event I’ve ever had the opportunity to attend. The love for this couple filled the room, and words cannot express the feelings that abounded! I thank our sister city for hosting the event. I just think it’s a down right shame that we didn’t have it in Colquitt!

You can e-mail me at: jchapman@colquittga.org or write me at PO Box 276. We have council meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. I encourage everyone to attend. If you’d like to address the council, call by the prior Thursday and ask to be put on the agenda. You can also reach me at home at 758-3259 or at City Hall at 758-1004.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Jerry Chapman, Mayor, City of Colquitt

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