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Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Merry Christmas! Choose the GIFT!
by Terry Toole

I really think this is going to be a great Christmas in spite of how some folks think about it.

It's that time of the year when folks here in South Georgia wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

You can call it Happy Holidays, Holiday Season, Season's Greetings or what ever else you might call it, but the only real, official holiday in December is Christmas Day to honor the birthday of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God.

We've got calenders all over the office, and this month, the only holiday that we observe is CHRISTMAS.

Granted, no one really knows when the Christ child was born, but by the early-to-mid-4th century, the Western Christian Church had placed Christmas on December 25, a date later adopted in the East. Christmas is a Christian holiday that is now celebrated worldwide by many non-Christians.

In recent years, in the U.S.A., some groups are trying to do away with the name Christmas and anything todowithGod,Christ or this nation's religion.

Even our current president has stated that this nation is not a Christian nation. Now the word of this president is thought less of than any current president in history according to recent national polls.

This is Christmas around the Miller County Liberal. We have just completed 24 pages of letters to Santa for our very special Christmas edition next week.

If don't get the Christmas Spirit by reading some, or all of those letters, you might join the president.

Some 300 years after Christ was born, there came a preacher named Nicholas who was known to be a miracle worker. He became Saint Nicholas. It is said that he was what we know today as the first Santa Claus.

Over the years, I have watched thousands of children as they go to see this Santa Claus, with the hope, faith and wishes that only a child has.

Some of the children ask me if I know Santa, and if it is safe to go sit on his lap, and tell him you wishes?

I always tell them that I haveknownhimformany, many years. I've even be accusedofbeingoneofhis helpers, which is a great compliment.

We had one little girl that is a good friend of mine who didn't write a letter to Santa. She was asked why she didn't write St. Nick, she explained--

"I've told Santa three times what I want for Christmas. Why can’t he remember?"

I tried to explain, Santa is gettingold,likeme,andhe has so much to remember. That's why we print the letters in the Liberal.

I really enjoy most of this Christmas Season. You will find, in most cases, people get nicer, more friendly, and more charitable than at any other time of the year.

I know, we have commercialized this Holy Day much to much. We should be thanking our God for sending us His Son to save us.

I really think our Christ would approve of the part where we worship Him, even for a few days, and we get close to obeying that commandment that He gave us, to Love One Another.

Other than helping to get out, put up or try to get out of putting up Christmas decorations, there are few things that are not good / great about Christmas.

This nation was started, fought for and continues to fight to make us a Christian nation. Our motto is. "IN GOD WE TRUST." Most Americans are known to be good, helping people who will fight for our freedoms, and other's freedoms.We don't start wars, we end them.

If you really want to enjoy Christmas, just watch how most people do better at this blessed time of the year when we were given the greatest Gift.

The choice for salvation that we will live forever with Christ when we leave this world is our own. This is the most important choice we will make. Choose wisely! Eternity is a long time. Where we will be is up to us.

Merry Christmas!

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