2013-11-27 / Community

Ponder wins Donalsonville mayor’s race by three votes

Donalsonville mayor elect, Dan E. Ponder Jr. Donalsonville mayor elect, Dan E. Ponder Jr. The final tally from the recount of the ballots cast in the November 5 City of Donalsonville Municipal Election confirms the winner of the mayoral race is Dan E. Ponder, Jr.

The recount was conducted at 9 a.m. on Friday, November 15, in the office of the Probate Judge at the Seminole County Courthouse. The two candidates sat front and center as the votes were recounted by the electronic voting machines. Once the recount was complete, it was determined that Ponder had received one additional vote from a previously scanned but uncounted absentee ballot, brining his total to 346 votes and confirmed the 343 votes received by Twynette D. Reynolds.

In the race for mayor held on November 5, 345 votes were received by Ponder and 323 were cast for Reynolds. The recount of the vote was conducted because Georgia law requires all votes to be recounted in any election in which the difference between the votes received by any opposing candidates is not more than the one percent and the losing candidate requests the recount.

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