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Gas prices vary––––

Gas prices seem to be dropping a bit for the holidays.

Many stations continued to raise the prices as the traffic will bear. Statewide, the lowest price reported was $2.88 in Ringold, GA. The lowest in the nation was $2.32 in Sergeant Bluff, IA. The highest was $5.29 in Hana, HI. with a difference of $2.50 per gallon from high to low. The average price was $3.21.

Georgia average gas prices Monday was $3.24 per gallon.

Albany $ 3.06
Atlanta 3.06
Blakely 3.28
Bainbridge 3.17
Colquitt 3.28
Cairo 2.98
Columbus 3.04
Damascus 3.60
Donalsonville 3.18
Dothan 3.01
Tallahassee 3.09

In the area prices that we checked, the high, was in Damascus, and the lowest was in Cairo.

Most of these prices were checked Monday evening late. Some stations are not reported to mapquest gas prices.

Gas prices seem to vary from one pump to the next, or from one town to the next. With gas taking a big hunk from the local, state and national pocketbooks, it pays to shop.

According to the American Petroleum institute, Americans pay an average of 48.8 cents per gallon in taxes. The federal gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon, while states set their own gas taxes, so the feds get 18.4 cents per gallon, while the states vary as the legislatures see a need to remove funds from citizens.

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