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Swamp Gravy starts Friday with ‘ Live and Learn’

submitted by Kate Willis

Our ‘chillin’ at Swamp Gravy get a great education. Our ‘chillin’ at Swamp Gravy get a great education. For some of the 80 cast members of this year’s “Swamp Gravy,” 20 years is longer than they can remember, or have even been alive. For others, 1992 seems like just yesterday.

Whatever your point of view, that’s how long Swamp Gravy has been changing lives right here in Miller County… And on March 1, we’re at it again!

For the last 20 years Sara Ann Keaton led our story gathering team, preserving the stories of individuals from Miller County and the surrounding areas. These stories have provided the basis of 19 original scripts, penned by Jo Carson, local Debra Jones, Jules Corriere, Tom Poland, and most recently Swamp Gravy alum Will Murdock. Names and details are often changed in the scripts, but that story you’ve seen onstage might have happened to that person next to you in the grocery line, or to your coworker, or to someone in your church. A story you see on stage could even be your story, with maybe a detail or two different.

Cast celebrates 20 years of entertainment. Cast celebrates 20 years of entertainment. The unforgettable “Storytelling Song,” written by Karen Kimbrel, is just one of the many original pieces of music audiences have fallen in love with over the years. All of our original music comes from local talent, such as Debbie Sloan, Charlotte Phillips, Jennifer Roland, Becky Gordon, Steve Hacker, Amy Ard, Buddy Johnson, Jeff Braswell, and others.

Meanwhile, the “Swamp Gravy Family” includes hundreds of people, all volunteers who have put hundreds of thousands of hours of work and love into our productions. We performed first in the school auditorium, now in Cotton Hall, and in special performances all over the U.S. Dozens of communities in this and other countries have adopted the Swamp Gravy model for their own communities, hoping to match the transformation seen in Colquitt.

Our latest production, “Swamp Gravy: Live and Learn,” returns to the stage in Cotton Hall March 1-23, taking true life stories and mixing them with toe-tapping original music, a high dose of local talent, and the magic of Cotton Hall to create an experience you’ll never forget. Meet Jack, a man struggling to learn that his past doesn’t have to determine his future; Bertie, a young teacher learning it isn’t always easy making people notice the “new” you; and Della and Sylvie, two girls figuring out that sometimes you have to pick your battles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay friends. Important lessons are often learned outside the school room, and this season, we celebrate them all!

Performances are Fridays at 7:30, and Saturdays at 2:00 and 5:30, at Cotton Hall Theater at 158 E. Main Street in Colquitt, Georgia. For tickets, please visit www.swampgravy.com or call 1-800-514-3849.

Tickets can also be purchased at Bride and Gift Gallery 229-758-3551 and Market on the Square 229- 758-8480.

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