2013-02-20 / Front Page

Spring Creek high and rising

by Terry Toole

This isn’t Flint River, it’s Spring Creek at Whites Bridge. This isn’t Flint River, it’s Spring Creek at Whites Bridge. With the eight to 10 inches of rain already reported that the good Lord sent us this past week, all the irrigation systems can be shut off. This even includes the wells that have kept Spring Creek flowing above Colquitt Spring Creek Bridge to keep the mussels alive.

It’s is thought that the mussels will be safe until the early Spring we have been promised by the prognosticators of the weather. Weather wizards now predict that the drought is over, and the aquifers are filling fast.

Many of the creeks, ponds, low bottoms, ditches and a few public roads are full of rain water. About the only ones you hear fussing about the rains are those who can’t get to their homes, and those with leaking roofs. Haven’t heard any complaints when schools were closed from students or teachers.

The flood warning continues for Spring Creek near Iron City.

* Until Thursday, Feb. 14, or until the warning is cancelled.

* At 9:45 am Thursday the stage was 16.0 Feet.

* Minor flooding occurred and more minor flooding is forecast.

* Flood stage is 16.0 feet.

* The creek will continue rising to around 16.7 feet by late Thursday afternoon. The creek may remain above flood stage until Friday afternoon, February 15.

* Impact. At 16.0 Feet. Spring Creek overflowed in low lying areas.

Weather forecasters are predicting more rain for this week.

We are still way behind on rainfall, so let the rain come. It will get lots wetter that we are used to. Many of the ditches going into Spring Creek are backing up. That means the trash and silk has the creek full, so it can’t flow.

Lord knows we wouldn’t want to squash a mussel just to save a creek. The state and feds will take care of it with large wells.

We know WHO is in charge.

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