2012-10-10 / Living & Style

Braswell-Nobles reunion held recently

The Braswsell and Nobles Family met at the American Legion Hall in Colquitt, for their 42nd Annual Reunion on Sunday, September 23, 2012.

The day together began with hugs, kisses, fellowship and reminiscing. At the appointed time, Dorothy Norris welcomed everyone (Since our aunt Callie Maddox is deceased), and Gene Burke blessed the food and prayed for the family members that were unable to attend.

Those attending were Gene and Joyce Burke, Colton Burke, Hannah Free and Noah Free, all from Columbus; Nell Simmon, Pensacola, FL; Earl Albriton and Jean Tremblau Cotton Dale, FL; DaAnn Albriton Coy, Ponce de Leon, FL; Claraice Tedder and Keith Tedder, Tallahassee, FL; Abbie Williams, Paul Williams, Myra and David Williams, Rita Bailey, Dorothy Norris, Megan Brock and Lisa Brock, all from Bainbridge; Betty Knight and Pam Knight, Climax; Wyatt Brackin, Ray and Joy Brackin, Brinson; Roy Burch, Donalsonville; Gerald and Jerrie Cook, Joan Simpson and Jennifer Roland, all from Colquitt.

The next reunion will be held on Saturday, September 28, 2013, at the American Legion Hall in Colquitt.

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