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Swamp Gravy gets big turnout for 20th anniversary cast

Cast prepares for opening season of Swamp Gravy’s “Live and Learn” show. Cast prepares for opening season of Swamp Gravy’s “Live and Learn” show. Swamp Gravy’s 20th Anniversary show, “Live and Learn” by Will Murdock, will have an estimated cast size of nearly 100 people. This is a near-record for the project, and participants and leadership are thrilled that so many community members want to be directly involved. The cast size usually averages around 65 people, according to production manager Kate Willis.

Cotton Hall Artistic Director, Haley Rice, who came onto the job in March and is directing her first Swamp Gravy this fall, is thrilled. “It is just a wonderful thing that people are still so enthusiastic about the project after 20 years. The amount of community support is truly special,” she said.

Cast members are traveling from all over the Colquitt area to attend practice. There are also participants making the trek from Donalsonville, Blakely, Camilla, Bluffton, and Bainbridge. The large cast also includes over 25 people who are participating for the first time. The rest of the cast is comprised of seasoned volunteers who have performed in at least one, but as many as 20 Swamp Gravy shows.

To help celebrate the 20th anniversary, a special rate of $15 will be available for the October 12th show for those living in and around Colquitt. “We want the community to come see the show. People live in Colquitt who have never seen Swamp Gravy,” said Ms. Rice.

Swamp Gravy: Live and Learn follows the adventures of two friends, a teacher and a man with a past, as they seek to learn what life is about and how to live it. It’s guaranteed to warm your heart and put a chuckle in your belly. It is showing every Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 2 and 5:30 p.m. in October at Cotton Hall Theater in Colquitt. Call 1-800-514-3849 for tickets, 229-758-5450 for group tickets or visit www.swampgravy.com. We are also on Facebook, itunes and Youtube.

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