2012-03-28 / Public Safety



March 19 800F Escort, Peoples- South Bank • Out with subject, Basketball court • Escort, Kangaroo • Total mileage, 127

March 20 800F Med. call, Phillipsburg Road • Escort, Hardee’s • Total mileage, 78

March 21 800C Traffic stop, 4x • Four verbal warnings • Domestic problem, Babcock Road • Domestic problem, Pic- N- Sav • Total mileage, 78

March 22 800C School • Investigated suspicious vehicle, 91N • Baggy pants violation, 45 N • Total mileage, 61

March 23 800F Unlock auto, Pine St. • Unlock auto, Moby Dick’s • Stopped suspicious person, 1st and Crawford • Out with subject, Bush St. • Med. call, Star Motel • Escort, Helen’s • Total mileage, 220

March 24 800F Noise complaint, 2nd St. • Unlock auto, Dollar General • Escort, Kangaroo • Total mileage, 82

March 25 800F Stopped suspicious person, Crawford St., 2x • Escort, Kangaroo • Escort, Hardee’s • Total mileage, 61



On March 19, 2012, Sgt. Lonnie Wade was dispatched to Grow St., in reference to theft in a residence. Mr. John Anthony Thompson, Jr. Fetty received a phone call from his girlfriend stating that someone had gone into their residence and had gone through their belongings. She noticed things had been moved from one place to another.

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