2012-03-28 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Mosquitoes, gnats and politicians-
by Terry Toole

In my lifetime, there have been many great times, many good times, a few tough times and some bad times.

Weeks like the past few, are times that I wish I had been fishing.

Before I get into this column, let me tell you right now, other than Heaven, this place that I am in, Colquitt, Miller County, Georgia, U.S.A., will do until my Lord calls me home. Saying that, I will admit that at times, we do have a few problems on a local, county, state and nation.

I have seen a lot in my time around here, and best I remember, there have been some tougher times than this, but we didn't know we were having them.

We have always been able to tighten our belt and try to undo bad and add to good. For the most part, most everything has worked out for the better.

However, for the past two or three years, in some areas, we seemed to be going backwards instead forward.

Now this community has made a name for itself with The National Mayhaw Festival, Swamp Gravy, MayHaw, some of the most beautiful and largest murals anywhere, Georgia’s statue to the American Indian, as goodlooking a little town as you will see anywhere, great churches, good schools, and best of all, some of the best people on the face of this earth.

The Book say that all of our grandparents came from a place called the Garden of Eden over in the middle East. I agree that Adam and Eve were all of our grandparents, but I'm not too sure that the Garden was closer to right here in Southwest Georgia.

Like our greatest grandparents, none of us are perfect, but like all families some just don't make the cut. Some seem to enjoy messing up.

My greatest fear is that what we are going through on a national, state, county and local level could well be our punishment instead of our apathy, stupidity and struggle for power.

As costly as it may be, stupid, mean, power hungry, and even sorriness can eventually be overcome. We've done it before.

But if what we are going through is punishment for our apathy, laziness and not wanting to get involved, we are in big trouble.

Seems like our governments from the highest to the lowest just keep wanting more and more. When is the last time you've heard of any governmental agency anywhere wanting to save those few who pay taxes money, or wanting to cut back? They just want more and more.

Best I can find out, the reason that this nation was started was because a dictatorial government kept wanting more and more. Wars have been started for less than is happening in our country right now.

The past headlines of what our local governments are doing makes many of us sick at our stomachs. Some people can get a little or a lot of power and will go absolutely power crazy.

We have brought much of our problems on ourselves by not electing good people to represent us.

Getting a little closer to home, in the past few weeks, our school system has made history. For the first time in our history, our schools are under "probation." For the first time in the history of the county or state, our school board has been recommended to be removed. This is not because of bad teachers, students, grades or schools in general, but because of those who govern our schools.

I agree with our out-ofcounty school superintendent on one thing, the board is dysfunctional. On the other hand, under his watch, all of this has happened.

I understand that government is different from private business, but in private business when someone is not capable, or unable to do the job, or in leadership, and things are going sour, you rehire. When it affects our children, and their education, the charter school question is looking better and better.

There are enough laws, good and bad, to lock us all up if people without common sensearenotincharge.

When little people get too much power, you will always hear a scream from those known as the citizens. There has been some rethinking by some that maybeourleadershipmight need a change.

Times are tough and will keep getting tougher with the leaders working for themselves instead of those they are working for.

Think about it, help make it better, or it will get worse.

Much of the problems of our state, county and city could be fixed by getting rid of all the mosquitoes, gnats, a few politicians, as well as some choice funerals.

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