2012-03-21 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

It's working, and we are to blame! Change!
by Terry Toole

I hate to break it to you, but we have been had, all of us.

President Obama and his bosses in Chicago's plan for the U.S.A. is working. The redistribution of wealth from the "Yankee" and "Southern" ingenuity that made this nation great is working!

If you worked hard and long for it, or inherited wealth or property from parents who worked for what they had, it isn't worth what it used to be, even three years ago. More of your wealth is going to your government so that it can give it to those who can't, or will not work.

Under the leadership of this Democratic regime of our present president, the dollar has lost 40 percent of its value, in many areas even more.

Have you been to the gas station lately? It will be higher when you return. Our president states that he can't do anything about the price of gas.

I agree with him. As long as he apologizes to those we buy gas from, on credit, and does nothing about becoming independent of foreign oil, the price will continue to rise.

Note: The higher gas is at the pump, the more our local, state and national governments make from taxes. They really don't want gas prices to drop.

Due to the continuing rise of gas prices, food, clothing, everything else will rise in price at the register.

It really doesn't take too smart a leader to understand how it works.

It's a fact; we have a bigger and better oil supply than any other nation in the world, but our government controlled Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will not allow us to drill and produce our own products.

Again, I say, the government, anygovernment,has nothing more than it takes from taxes, fees, etc. from those who work. One of our greatest problems is, and will be, our federal government borrows, now over $15 trillion dollars, more than it took from working taxpayers, and it hasn't slowed down spending.

Name anything that government controls that has been successful! There is notoneareaofgovernment that isn't bankrupted due to excessive spending. From the local, state and federal agencies of government, not one area is working to reduce spending.

As one local department head stated, "If you are budgeted $200,000 each year to run the department, you had better spend $300,000, or you will be cut the next year."

The pitiful part of that is, he is absolutely truthful. One department here worked diligently to save enough of the budget, $250,000, to build onto the facility. The powers that tax, took that $250,000, and threw it into their county pot and spent it. No one knows how, or on what.

When asked where the money went, that board said, "It wasn't added to the next year's taxes."

If you think these are tough time, it doesn't take a realsmartpersontoseethat we ain't seen nothing yet.

Starting from the bottom, when the city and county taxingagenciesmovefrom an office to a building to have room to raise your valuations, which raise your taxes, they aren't too interested in cutting back.

When the state agencies demand that the locals up the digests to bring in more taxes to the state, they are not going to cut back.

When the federal government owes and borrows more in three years than was owed in the past 200 years, they are not looking to reduce spending or giving when they are bankrupted.

When local, state and federal governments hire more enforcement agencies (15,000 IRS agents or more) to collect more taxes from those who work, times are going to get worse.

When the government continues to pay people who don't work and give them taxpayers’ monies to pay for their housing, food, health care and even cell phones and condoms, things are going to get worse.

I agree with President Obama on one thing. We do need change, seemingly in every area of government. Those in office, and many of those who have been in office, have failed, miserably!

This may be our last chance to change what has not worked. I just hope it's not too late, or we as a nation are not too apathetic.

At the risk of being politically incorrect, we need to pray for forgiveness and vote for change. It's still up to us. VOTE!

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