2011-09-07 / Front Page

Merritt brothers pay in to unseat mayor and councilman

by MCL staff writer

The Merritt brothers have paid in to run for mayor and councilman in the upcoming city election.

An city official called to inform the Liberal that there would be an election, since one former councilman, Algin Merritt, and his brother, Ezra “Bubba” Merritt, have paid in to run in the city election to be held Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

Incumbent Mayor Jerry Chapman and incumbent city councilman Buren “Ox” Griffin have also paid in to run for re-election of their posts.

It was a surprise to the newspaper that the qualifying time ended Friday, September 2, since the opening and closing dates could not be found to have been published.

The only official public notice found of anything to do with this city election was run seven months ago on January 26, 2011, notifying the public of the fees set for mayor and councilman, along with the time of the election.

Since City Hall was closed on Labor Day, nothing official concerning pay-in or if there will be a city election was available before publication this week.

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