2011-04-27 / Public Safety


April 20 Drennon Ln., BSO, Prowler; Helms Rd. at Enterprise, MSO, Livestock/ Carcass; Phillipsburg at High School, CPD, Traffic Stop; Crawford St. at Hilltop, CPD, Traffic Stop Old Donalsonville Rd., MSO, Traffic Stop; Milford Rd., Just Past Pine Hill, BSO, Accident; Hwy. 91 S at Thankful Baptist, BSO, Assist Motorist; Crawford St., CPD, Unlock Vehicle; Hwy. 37 E at High School, NPD, Traffic Stop; N Cuthbert St., MEMS, Transport; Main St. at Park Ave, NPD, Traffic Stop; E. Crawford St., CPD, Alarm; Perry at N MLK, CPD, School Bus Detail; Hwy. 91 at Mm 4, BSO, Assist Motorist; Enterprise at Helms, MSO, Livestock/Carcass, Hwy. 27 N at N Of Griggs Lucille MSO, Traffic Stop Hwy. 91 S at Mm 15, NPD, Traffic Stop; Helms Rd., MSO, Dispute; Crawford St., CPD, Escort; E Main St., MSO, Serve Paper; Hwy. 91 S at 3 Lane, BSO, Traffic Stop; Hwy. 91 S at S Curve, BSO, Traffic Stop; Hwy. 45 North, CPD, Suspicious Activity; Grow St. CPD, Domestic, MLK, CPD, Unlock Vehicle; Mayhaw @4Way MSO, Traffic Stop; Hwy. 37 at Hwy. 91, BSO, Traffic Stop; Highway 45 North, MEMS, MSO, Medical; Mayhaw at S of Three Notch, MSO, Traffic Stop; Main St. at Clear Lake, BSO, Traffic Stop; Hwy. 91 S at Petro, BSO, Traffic Stop; Phillips St. CPD Noise Complaint

April 21 Dancer St., CPD, Harassment; Grassy Flats Rd., MSO, Suspicious Activity; Hwy. 91 at Hawkinstown Rd., BSO, Traffic Stop; 4th St., CPD, Assist Motorist; Helms Rd., MSO, Livestock in roadway; Hwy. 37 W at City Limits; BSO, Traffic Stop; Clear Lake Rd., BSO, Assist Motorist; Crawford St. at Kangaroo, CPD, Traffic Stop; Hwy. 200 at Bethel Farms, BSO, Assist Motorist; N MLK at Perry St., CPD, School Bus Detail; Main St., CPD, Unlock vehicle; Hwy. 200 at Hawkinstown, BSO, Traffic Stop; Hwy. 91 N at Colquitt Ford Rd., BSO, Traffic Stop; Hwy. 91 N at Bates Village, NPD, Traffic Stop; N Main St., NPD, Missing Person; Clear Lake Rd., BSO,Animal Complaint; Hwy. 39 N,MSO, Traffic Stop; Patmos Milford Rd., BSO, Suspicious Activity; N Cuthbert St., MSO, Telephone Call Only; E. Main St., MSO, Serve Paper; Crawford St., CPD, Escort; Clay Brown Rd., MSO, Animal Complaint; Hwy. 37 at MM 17, BSO, Traffic Stop, Stegall Rd., MSO, Damage to Property; Hwy. 37 at MM 11, BSO, Traffic Stop; Counce Rd., CPD, Out with subject/ vehicle; Grace Miller Rd., NFD, BSO, Fire; Pine St., CPD, Transport; Hwy. 91 at Petro, BSO, Traffic Stop; Crawford St., CPD, Escort

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