2011-04-20 / Community

Baker County Sheriff and K- 9 work to keep a promise

Baker County Sheriff Dana Meade made a promise to the citizens of Baker County when he went into office. Sheriff Meade’s promise was to do all he could to fight the illegal drug trade in Baker County. Sheriff Meade did this in different ways.

The first was to talk to the citizens in Baker County and get feedback and information on any illegal drug activity in their area.

The second was to spend time at the Baker County School educating kids on the dangers of drugs.

The third was hiring a nationally certified K-9 handler and K-9. The K-9 is also certified through NNDDA, which is also a national certification. Both have extensive drug experience in illegal drugs. The K-9 handler is also certified by the Georgia Department of Forensic Science as an expert witness in marijuana identification which gives the Baker County Sheriff’s Office the ability to conduct its own drug testing of marijuana.

The fourth was meeting with the district attorney and the Baker County Board of Commissioners and establishing a drug forfeiture and seizure agreement which will allow the sheriff’s office to seize money and property that is obtained through the sale of illegal drugs.

The fifth was hiring a drug agent that has over 20 years’ experience in drug enforcement.

The efforts paid off when Sheriff Meade received calls from some of the citizens that he had spent time talking with. The citizens informed him of drug activity and sales.

Investigations were opened into all the complaints that Sheriff Meade had received. In a four week period the Baker County Sheriff’s Office had arrested seven people for the sale and possession of illegal drugs.

The Baker County Sheriff’s Office executed two search warrants where the K-9 alerted on the locations of large quantities of cocaine and marijuana. There were thousands of dollars in illegal drugs and property seized.

There are still investigations ongoing, and more arrests are expected. The Baker County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the District Attorney’s Office and the Baker County Board of Commissioners for their support and help. A big thanks to the citizens in Baker County for their help and support with information and calls received.

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