2011-02-23 / Community

Henley portrays role in ‘Steel Magnolias’

Victoria Henley with Steel Magnolias’ cast Victoria Henley with Steel Magnolias’ cast Victoria Henley invites you to the Monticello Opera House’s performance of “Steel Magnolias” in which she will portray the role of Annelle. “Steel Magnolias” follows the intertwining lives of six women as they navigate their way through personal triumphs and tragedies while supporting and consoling each other during the ample time they spend at Truvy’s Beauty Shop. Annelle, an adorably simple, yet multi-dimensional and complex young woman, leaves behind her tumultuous life and the people who betrayed her in Zwolle in search of employment and a brand new start at Truvy’s salon. Annelle finds solace, love, and acceptance in the arms of her five newfound friends, and later realizes that she might just be the glue that holds them all together when an unexpected tragedy strikes.

A sharp, biting, witty, yet poignant tale of love, loyalty, triumph and tragedy, “Steel Magnolias” is a must-see! As any avid “ theatre lover” knows, nothing enhances an already enjoyable theatrical experience quite like an ambiance laden atmosphere, and the beautiful, historic Monticello Opera House delivers just that. The performance dates are as follows: February 18,19,25,26 ( all at 8 p. m.) Feb. 27 ( 2 p. m.) and March 4 and 5 (8 p.m.). Dinner theatre packages are also available, and for more details and to place ticket orders, please contact the Monticello Opera House box office at (850) 997- 4242.

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