2011-02-23 / Community

Colquitt is a RAS Community

In 2008, the City of Colquitt began a large undertaking to revitalize an area of the City that had fallen into decline. As a part of that project, the City submitted an application to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs requesting to be designated as a Revitalization Area Strategy Community. The designation was received and along with it a grant for $200,000 toward revitalization efforts.

Using the Strategy designed by the State, the City implemented an Urban Redevelopment Plan outlining a plan for the area. Community input was solicited through public meetings, newspaper articles, and door-todoor visitation. Partners signed on to assist the City through collaboration and investment.

In 2009, through continued efforts, the City applied for and received a Multi-Activity Community Development Block Grant for $703,378. These funds have been used to improve the sewer and water system, pave roads, clear vacant dilapidated houses, and assist individuals in bringing their homes up to standard living conditions.

Over the three years the City has been a Revitalization Area Strategy Community, major improvements have been made on the public end and through private investment. Now the City must re-apply to the State for another 3- year period of RAS designation. Again the City seeks input from the community. A public meeting is advertised in this edition, and everyone is encouraged to attend.

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