2011-02-16 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

No rest for the weary and old-
by Terry Toole

This has been a busy, fun, hard, smelly, great, historic last week and this week.

After we get out the current edition on Tuesday, we usually have time to take a few breaths of ease, normally.

When I finished delivering our weekly newspaper Tuesday evening, I was reminded that it was senior night at MCHS gym, and we would be playing Seminole Co. in our final regular basketball games of the season. I was expected to take photos, so I did.

It was two great games. We won one and lost one. They were both about as close as could be.

On Wednesdays, we start working on another edition seriously. I was supposed to go to a hearing at the courthouse, but was afraid they might go into "executive session" if I was there. They always use the reason, personnel, and this was about personnel. Everything they do is about personnel. That is one of those bad laws that needs correcting.

Thursday, we got a call that my only brother- in- law had fallen and broken his hip. He was in the hospital in Atlanta.

Now if I go to Atlanta, it is a must. My first wife and ye scribe jumped into my truck and hit the road. We got to the hospital that evening and stayed with David until night. We spent the night at a hotel near the hospital and went back the next day. David is doing well, the doctors and nurses say, and as soon as they get him a room in rehab, he will go there. We came home Friday evening just in time to go out to the Powerline with the 50+++ group at our church. You know you are getting on in years when you go to a 50+++ group with your children.

My first wife wanted to stay in Atlanta over the weekend, and we would have had to celebrate her 75th birthday with the Atlanta children. There was a catch. We had planned a surprise birthday party on Saturday in Colquitt for my Valentine girl, and it was too late to cancel.

Another reason I had to get back home, I had promised to photograph the Miller County Jr. Heifer Show on Saturday morning. I took over 400 photographs of children, cows and pooper scoopers. It was a good show.

I hope not telling exactly the truth to surprise your mate at her 75th birthday party can be forgiven. I told several half- truths to keep her from knowing. Our girls did it up. She was completely surprised as over 30 relatives, co- workers and friends waited for her arrival at Emerald Lake Resort. After the surprise birthday party, some of the party-goers came to the house and played cards until the wee hours. Uva, 97, played with them until late-thirty. I got to bed with the birthday girl at 1:30 a.m.

She had done the same thing to me back in December. Wish we could have had it on her birthday, but since it was on Monday, February 14, everyone at the office and the store had to work, including the birthday girl.

What is that saying? A family that works together, stays together. We ought to be together as long as we are here.

Valentine’s Day is not only a very special day for most folks, it is Betty Jo's birthday, too.

It didn't bother her to celebrate early; she celebrates the entire month.

Sunday, after church, the girls cooked up a feast for lunch to continue the celebration. The Atlanta bunch had to go back to work, so they will miss out on whatever is planned for the rest of the month.

Monday was Hog Show and Sale Day. This is even bigger, or more participants than the heifer show.

This week is pretty full. There is Lions Club Wednesday, face cutting Thursday morning in Tallahassee, Men of Jesus, that evening at Moby Dick if they don't cut too deep, prayer meeting Friday morning, another ribbon cutting that morning, and a birthday gang party that night. That's just what I have written down.

The girls keep me something to do most of the time. Guess that fishing trip will just have to wait till spring.

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