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The Restless Riders visit Colquitt

by Terry Toole

Riding on SR 91 is a little tricky. Riding on SR 91 is a little tricky. You never know what, who or when you might run into something on the strange side when coming through Colquitt or Miller County.

While going to a false alarm fire, Saturday, February 12, and turning around at the fire tower on SR 91, out came what seemed to be a wagon train from Rock Road. Now stranger things have been seen on the Rock Road, but not recently.

When checking with some of the people on horseback, it seems that a good group were on the annual outing. The front riders were happy for me to explain that this was not the wild, wild west, but just as they got to the highway, guns started going off, and bullets were ringing the air.

I explained that just across the highway was our firing range, and the riders were not being shot at.

It was told that The Restless Riders held their annual Valentine's Ride at the home of Glenn and Amanda Sheffield, in Miller County, February 11 through the 13.

The Restless Riders are composed of horseback riders and horse or mule drawn wagons from the tri- state area. Some of the participants have ridden together for over 30 years.

This year’s event had approximately 60 participants ranging in age from 4 to 50 plus rode the horses as well as the wagons pulled by horses and mules.

Saturday night a fish fry and Valentine’s Party was hosted by the Sheffields. Some of the guests this year were from as far away as Missouri.

The Restless Rider slogan is "Ride, Relax, and Roll On."

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