2011-02-09 / Religion

‘Just What You Need’

(Pastor James Scarborough, Donalsonville Assembly of God)

I carried one of the church boys with me last Saturday to an event in the area that proved to be a great day for both of us. It was my first time going to Rattlesnake Roundup, but I hope it will not be my last.

I have heard of the event for years, but had just never tried it out. So with predictions that the weather would be good (and the forecast proved to be accurate), I decided to check it out. My wife is not too impressed with snakes, so I asked Chandler, who is eight, to go along with me.

I have never seen so many rattlesnakes in one place! As we stood around the arena watching the hunters bringing in their very much alive, angry and rattling trophies, I could not help but take the risk of telling a lady standing next to me (whom I had never seen before) that “I hope they find the two that got away!”

The look on her face was priceless as I quickly told her that I was only joking and that if there were serpents on the loose I would not be standing there.

As Chandler and I visited a booth offering various trinkets and toys for sale, the salesman gave us a personal demonstration of a reptile puppet. He knew just how to manipulate the strings around to make the thing have lifelike movements. After working hard to make his sale, he handed the puppet to Chandler and asked him to hold it while he got something else to show us. That was a clever sales tactic; the idea was if he could get that kid’s hand on it, he would probably buy it. He underestimated my stinginess, so the sale did not take place, but it was an excellent try on his part! Let me redeem myself by letting you know that Chandler went home with wares for both himself and his two sisters!!

I am not gifted at selling things, but I have bought enough to know that one of the key traits of an effective salesperson is the ability to convince the potential buyer that the product or service being presented is a worthwhile and affordable investment for the customer.

That reminds me of how our lives as Christians should be lived and conducted so that what we claim about our relationship with Christ is more than a religious claim, but an authentic life-changing and lasting walk with God.

If that toy that we were looking at Saturday had fallen apart during the demonstration, absolutely no interest would have been generated. But since it measured up to what it was intended to do, it quickly got our attention. In like manner, our lives must consistently show forth to others that the Christ we claim to love and serve is real and reliable, and therefore worthy of our affection and devotion.

We live in a time when people are searching for answers to the adversities of life. Empty religion is meaningless to them. They want and deserve something that really works. Those of us who know and serve Christ have that very essential component residing within that we must allow to be seen outwardly.

Christ says regarding His followers, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14, NIV). And in Verse 16, “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.”

As Christians, we have what others need. Let us show them what a difference He can make in their lives.

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