2011-02-09 / Public Safety

Police Department Reports


February 1
800G Escort, Hardee’s •
Stopping suspicious person, 2x, Unlocked, 1 vehicle • Building checks

February 4
800C Traffic stops, 3x
• 3 Verbal warnings • 1
arrest underage drinking
• Escort • Bus detail • Delivered agendas • Mental
subject, E.R. • Fight, E.R.
• Assist EMS, Grow St.

February 5
800C Clear lot, Top Road
• Traffic stops, 7x • 3 Loud
Music tickets • 2 Speeding
tickets • Clear lot, Petro •
Domestic dispute, Cuthbert St. • Escort, Hardee’s
• Ran Intox, Newton Rd.

February 6
800C Mental Subject,
Cuthbert St. • Escort,
Hardee’s • Traffic stops,
3x • 3 Speeding tickets
• Unlock vehicle, Grow



Dog Attack

On February 1, 2011, Officer Christopher Medina was dispatched to First St. in reference to a dog attack. When Officer Medina arrived on scene, he spoke with the complainant, Toni Chapman, of Colquitt, who advised that she was in her yard walking her dog, when two black pitbulls, came into her yard and attempted to get at her and her dog. Ms. Chapman was able to hold her dog back, but in the struggle, she fell and injured her knees and two fingers on her right hand. At the time of the incident, Officer Medina was unable to find the dogs.


On February 1, 2011, Officer Christopher Medina was dispatched to Middle St. in reference to a theft. When Officer Medina arrived on scene, he spoke with the complainant, Eugene Butler, who advised that someone had taken a portable battery charger from his front yard. Mr. Butler advised that the charger was black, and it was missing a leg that it used to stand on.


On February 3, 2011, Jonathan Lance Kimbrel of Blakely, driving a 1995 Isuzu pickup, was traveling west on Crawford St. David Luke Crosson of Dawson, driving a 2004 Ford F-150, was traveling west on Crawford St. Mr. Crosson was turning into the north into the agricultural building parking lot. Mr. Kimbrel struck Mr. Crosson in the rear. Mr. Kimbrel was found to be at fault for following too closely.

Possession of Alcohol

On February 5, 2011, Officers Scott Worsley and Dan Stone were dispatched to the Star Motel in reference to a fight in progress. Upon the officers’ arrival, they knocked on the door at Room 15. The officers knew there were people in the room because someone peeked out the window. There were two females and two males in the room. They were each asked their ages. Quinton Grant stated that he was 21 years of age. Officer Stone asked him if he had been drinking; he stated he had drunk a little and had smoked some marijuana. Officer Stone then administered the test, and it came back positive for alcohol. Officer Stone then placed Mr. Grant under arrest. While conducting the arrest, Officer Griffin was speaking with offender, Laura Leigh Smith, age 19, of Brinson, who was also placed under arrest for underage drinking. Both offenders were then transported to the Sheriff’s Office and booked on the before mentioned charges.

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