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It's coming soon- 'Second Saturday Market Days

By Terry Toole

Have you got something to sell? Have you got something that you need to move to someone else’s home or business?

The Colquitt/Miller Development Association is planning a Second Saturday Market Days around the Colquitt square on the second Saturday of each month. The first sale on Saturday will be March 12, 2011.

According to some of the literature, it's going to be a trade fair, a swap meet, a flea market, a car show, a bake sale, a yard sale, an antique show, an arts and craft show, a trade show, a farmers’ market and much, much more.

The coordinators of the Second Saturday Market Days motto will be, "If it's legal, you can sell it or buy it!"

Spaces for vendors will be located on the Colquitt City Square.

This is just one more way to attract visitors to Colquitt, so this event will coincide with the National Mayhaw Festival, Swamp Gravy and many other events and things to see such as our giant murals and the many unique places and businesses in and around Colquitt.

Other developments are in the making in the next year. You can never tell when Colquitt/Miller County folks will come up with another national or state first.

This one major event will not only bring in more visitors to Colquitt but help everyone involved in this Second Saturday Market Days. It will give local merchants the opportunity to rev up their sales to accommodate the new influx of people from all around coming to Colquitt to enjoy the events, the southern hospitality, and great bargains.

The times might be tough for some, but Colquitt people have learned that it is up to us to give visitors something new, different and fun to be around.

This event is just one more way to let people know that we enjoy having visitors visit our unique area.

This past year, it has not been unusual to have international and national events right here in Colquitt. The vast majority of our guests go away with fond memories of a part of the world that has not been messed up with crowding or traffic congestion. We tend to be a more leisure pace.

There is one thing that does not happen when you come to the Colquitt/ Miller County area. No one goes away hungry. We are known to have some of the best food in the world. More and more of our visitors become our neighbors.

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