2011-01-26 / Public Safety

Police Department Reports


January 14
800L Unlock vehicle •
Alarm • Funeral escort
800D Traffic stop, 4x • Security checks, 6x • Escort
to bank
January 15
800L Unlock vehicle •
Possible drunk driver
800S Traffic stop, Phillipsburg Road • Disturbance,
N. Cuthbert St. • Speak
with subject, Police Department • Assist 800D,
verbal at N.M.L.K. Jr. St.
• Traffic stop, N.M.L.K.
Jr. St.
800D Traffic stop, 3x •
Security check, 5x • Assist
EMS • Crowd control
January 16
800L Loud music
800S Assist EMTs, Perry
St. • Assist EMTs, Main
St. • Assist 800D, traffic
stop, N.M.L.K. Jr. Sr. •
Loud music complaint,
Pine St.
800D Assist EMS, Escort
to bank • Unlock vehicle
• Traffic stop, 3x • Arrest,
DUI • Intox test
800G Stopping suspicious
person • Unattended child
• Unlocked vehicle, 3x
January 18
800C Traffic stop • Speak
with officer, Police Department • Loud music,
January 21
800C Disorderly conduct,
American Legion • Traffic
stop, 4x • Verbal warning
• City court

January 22
800C Traffic stop, 2x •
Fight, Petro • Speak with
officer, Petro • Escort,
Peter St. • Arrest, possession of marijuana • Arrest,
underage drinking
January 23
800C Traffic stop, 2x •
Speeding ticket • Warning


Larceny from vehicle On January 15, 2011, Officer Scott Lawson was patrolling on Thompson Road at the intersection of Bellview Road, when he was flagged down by a Mr. George Bradford, 37, of Colquitt. Mr. Bradford stated that between Thursday, January 13, 2011, and Saturday, January 15, 2011, someone went into the back of his truck, which was parked at his business located on 560 East Main St. in Colquitt, and took his rigid miter saw with a 12 inch cut valued at $600.00 The incident was turned over to investigation.

Fraudulent activity offense free On January 19, 2011, Officer Lonnie Wade was dispatched to 118 N. First St., in reference to fraud. Upon his arrival, Officer Wade spoke to the victim, Robert William Rizzo, who stated that on January 10, 2011, he received a check and later found out that the check was a fraud. The statements were taken, and the case has been turned over to the investigator for further investigations.

Larceny from vehicle On January 21, 2011, Officer Charles Griffin was met at the Colquitt Police Department by Kurt Vickers of Colquitt, who works for Albany Tractor Company. According to Vickers, a Dell Laptop computer belonging to Albany Tractor Co. was stolen from Mr. Vickers. Mr. Vickers stated that the theft occurred on January 10, 2011 or January 11, 2011 and happened either in Quincy, Florida, or at the Kangaroo store in Colquitt. The truck was owned by Albany Tractor.

Accident On January 21, 2011, BJ Josey of Colquitt, driving a 2008 Dodge Ram, was traveling west on Pine Street. Jessie Ray Padgett of Damascus, driving a 2001 Ford Ranger, was traveling south on 1st Street. Mr. BJ Josey stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of Pine and 1st Street, but failed to yield right of way and Mr. Padgett’s vehicle.

Marijuana-Possession On January 22, 2011, a call was received to the Petro station. Upon Officer Dan Stone’s arrival, the owner of Petro stated that Shane T. Hutto of Fitzgerald was fired for an unknown infraction. Mr. Hutto became upset and started throwing things inside the store. The owner of Petro stated that just before Officer Stone’s arrival, Mr. Hutto left after being told not to come back to the store. After Mr. Hutto came back to the store, with a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath, he stated that he was only 19 years old and at that time was placed under arrest for underage drinking after taking an intox test for testing positive for alcohol consumption. Officer Stone searched Mr. Hutto’s pockets and found a bottle of Royale Club Whiskey and a marijuana pipe containing marijuana. Mr. Hutto was also arrested for possession of marijuana. He was then taken to the sheriff’s office where paperwork was then completed.

Driving Under

Influence-Alcohol On January 16, 2011, Officer Scott Cleveland initiated a traffic stop which led to the arrest of a Charles Edward Hill of Colquitt for DUI and failure to maintain lane. After all paperwork was completed, Officer Cleveland left the scene.

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