2010-12-22 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Perspective is wonderful! It's a miracle.
by Terry Toole

As we come to this blessed season of the year, more than ever before, I think about how it could have ended.

There have been many miracles in this past year that I can think of, but there are several that come to the top of my thoughts for this year. Our family has been blessed as we have been healed at almost every point.

Tammy has come close to death as she was stricken with cancer. She has been blessed with healing that can only come from God.

Not a day passes that several people don't ask, "How is she doing? I am still praying for her full recovery."

While Tammy was down, our youngest daughter, Donna, was put in the hospital with a condition of her heart that is bad. She has been healed, and blessed for so many years, it humbles us to think of it. She is doing good and has been blessed with a fine son to rear.

My first wife, Betty Jo, came so close to death this past year, the doctors and nurses could not believe she made it. I must admit my faith was a bit weakened at times, but with the prayers and help of our family and friends and friends we will never know about, she is back at full stride toward the end of this year, and going wide open, again.

I've had a few problems that seem to get miraculously better.

As one older friend said as we were coming back from the doctor, "You've had several things that usually kill people."

I guess I have a little "hard shell" in me. I believe that we will be here as long as our Lord has something for us to do.

That's why it is my desire to be able to work and try to do like He says as long as I can. I fall far short, and I know that more than anyone.

We are so blessed to have good, God loving, believing children, grandchildren and most of our friends.

I have been told that very few homes can stand over one woman to a home. If anyone has ever disproved that thought, I have.

All of my life, there has been more than one woman in our home. Even as a child, there were Ma and Grandma Zula. There were Ma and Mammy. During the war, we always had other women with families in our home.

After we married, we lived with Ma for awhile. Then I had three women, Betty Jo, Tammy and Donna. Now I have just two women in our home. There is my first wife, Betty Jo, and her mother, Uva.

Uva came to live with us four or five years ago and has been a blessing. She is not only a great asset to our home, but is a help in our business and my most dependable employee as well as one of my greatest supporters. If that woman could get around like most of us can, she could outwork any 10 men or women. It takes one or two of us going full time keeping her with something to work with.

She amazes me to see her coming in at 10 or 11 p.m. with her great-granddaughter, Joanna, from a card game somewhere out in the county.

At 96 years young, Uva inspires us all to do our job better. Her biggest worry is who will help keep her going after Betty Jo and "ye scribe" goes to meet our reward. I think she has it figured out that the grandchildren or maybe the great-grandchildren will fill in for us when we are gone.

Uva might have a bit of "hard shell" in her, since she believes she will be here as long as He has something for her to do.

As I look back on this past year, as well as the past 75, I am amazed at the blessings that have been heaped upon me and mine.

I have never had a desire for wealth, and yet He has given us back so much more than we expected, or deserved.

We worry about our possessions, and I have discovered that we have nothing, but are only stewards for awhile of what He allows us to be over. It's kind of how you look at it.

May we celebrate the birth of the One who owns it all, who came into this world and taught us how to live, give and love one another.

May you and yours have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

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