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Seminole Ramlins

Note; one to remember, Undertaker who remarked he didn’t have a trailer hitch on his hearse, in his career of over 50 years, he had never once seen a death certificate that read, “This man died from work!”

We may not ever have another day like last Thursday on crappie. According to my count, over 400 crappie came to the hill that day, and it’s been pretty good all week long.

Now for FLW, Thursday Top Three, first place went to Tony Davis from Williston, FL, with 5 fish at 26.05. Second place went to Harry Barton of Sterrett, AL, with 23.01. Third went to Allen Hayes of Pell City, AL, with 15.01. This is the Boater results. It’s interesting to note that Michael Conley is in 11th place with 11 lbs. 11 oz. of bass.

The CoAngler went like this, Randy Hill of Jonesboro, GA took first place with 14.12 lbs. Barry Littlefield of Tayors, SC, was second with 13.00, and Darren Jeter of Marshall, NC, took third with 11.03 lbs.

Clay Johns of Covington with a nice bass that he caught in the FLW Tournament this weekend Clay Johns of Covington with a nice bass that he caught in the FLW Tournament this weekend Day 2 of the FLW Boater side had Troy Morrow of Toccoa, GA with 33.04 lbs., Tony Davis dropped to second with 33.04 lbs., and Allen Hayes stayed at third with 25.08 lbs.

Day 3 of the FLW Regional on Lake Seminole tournament ended up like this: on the Co-Angler side, Randy Hill ended up with 25.12 lbs. and took home a fully rigged Ranger Boat and Trailer, Barry Littlefield ended up in second place with 19.02 lbs. and a hunk of cash, and Brock Stanaland of Okeechobee, FL, ended up in third with some cash and 19.02 lbs.

On the Angler side, Troy Morrow kept his first place spot with 44.02 lbs. and took home a brand new Chevy Truck and a certificate for a new Ranger Boat, motor and trailer of his choice. The total results were great here at the new Boat Basin Facilities. Six of these contestants will go to the Classic in a couple of months.

Wingate’s Lodge will be holding its fifth annual Chili Cook-Off on Monday, November 1, at 7 p.m. Contestants can enter for free, and observers bring the desserts, and we all have a good time and full bellies when it’s all over with.

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