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Cotton Hall hit by truck

by MCL staff writer

Sheriff’s deputies and Colquitt Police answer call. Sheriff’s deputies and Colquitt Police answer call. Most everyone knows that the Swamp Gravy production of The Big Picture is worth going to. The final productions of the play shown in Cotton Hall had overflow crowds.

At 7:30 p.m., Friday, October 22, the call came in that a truck was parked improperly, and it had struck one of the large doors with its rear bumper. This was all during the evening performance.

According to the incident report, upon arrival of Colquitt Police Officer Lonnie Wade, he observed a black S-10 Chevrolet truck backed into one of the large gate/doors, and it had struck it with the rear bumper. The vehicle was unattended, and no emergency lights were flashing.

The officer walked to the rear of the truck and radioed dispatch to run the tag to get information on the vehicle.

Officer Wade observed a white male walking (staggering) toward him from the square with a gas can in his hand. The officer asked the man if it was his vehicle.

The man stated, “Yes.”

The officer asked the subject what had happened.

He began to explain, and the officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the man’s clothing and his breath.

The officer requested the driver’s licenses. The report came back that the driver was Brandon Lee Cook, 21, of 5463 Riverchase Drive, Flowery, GA.

At that time Deputy Sheriff, Sgt. Brad Cox arrived at the scene and was asked to take a road side breath test on the driver.

Mr. Cook blew a .14 on the breath box.

Mr. Cook was read the implied consent card by Police Officer Scott Cleveland.

Sgt. Wade then interviewed a witness that saw the entire incident/accident. A statement from the witness was taken in writing since Mr. Cook stated that he was not driving.

Mr. Cook was then advised to place his hands behind his back, as he was advised of his arrest. The subject was then placed in the police car. He was taken to the county jail for processing.

Brandon Lee Cook was checked again at the jail with an alcohol analyzer machine, and he blew .177.

He was booked and charged with underage drinking, furnishing, purchasing for possession; possessing open container of alcoholic beverage; and driving under the influence of alcohol.

It was not discovered what the large crowd inside the theatre thought during the performance when the truck struck the door just behind where they were sitting.

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